Modi and Putin talk trade as Ukraine mourns airstrike

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The Russian and Indian leaders met on the heels of a deadly attack on a children's hospital in Kyiv. The US urged Modi to press Putin to respect international law.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Moscow on Tuesday.

Their meeting comes as Ukraine holds a national day of mourning over airstrikes that killed 31 people across Ukraine and injured 154, including many at a children's hospital in Kyiv.

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India's relationship with Russia is based on "mutual trust and mutual respect," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Moscow, where he also said he appreciated President Vladimir Putin's leadership.

God, I hate these guys


Birds of a shit-feather, Rand. Modi is a Hindu nationalist and would be happy to genocide the Muslims and Buddhists and take the disputed territories from Pakistan and China. And probably others.


What’s crazy to me is how much we in the US are investing into their economy simply because we also hate China. At least Xi seems somewhat apprehensive and reluctant to fully approve of Putin.

I’d rather tank the Indian economy as well. I’m willing to suffer a little here in the US to make sure that any country that does business or builds further relations with Russia has it worse.


They hate each other too, but that doesn't help, as their club has a good time skinning the dying bear yet keeping it alive as long as it's profitable.

Jo Miran

Modi is a complete piece of shit. More disturbing than is the fact that he is also very popular.


Sounds familiar, dunnit.


I have friends who talk about him like the second coming of Jesus... It is scary, ofc they don't live in India and send a lot of money back home and are on the higher caste, or so they tell me. So he has a lot of support from people with money.