Unfathomable': Lancet Study Estimates Gaza Death Toll May Exceed 186,000

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"The horror unfolding in Gaza is unquestionably a genocide, and the full extent of that horror won't be truly known until it comes to an end," said one political analyst.

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ShinkanTrain , edited

I can't believe they are doing a genocide after explicitly saying for months they'd do a genocide after years of doing a genocide.

We should give them another 20 billion worth of bombs.


Remember when this first started happening, we hit, what was it? 5,000? And all the apologists were going "YOU DON'T KNOW!!!"



I look forward to watching the Hasbara trolls try to discredit one of the world's leading STEM research journals.

TokenBoomer [OP]

Science is Hamas


The gastrointestinal tract is a Hamas tunnel.

Peer review process? Also Hamas.


You should always be critical of what you read.
The Lancet is the journal that published Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent MMR paper.
Also the journal that had one of the biggest retractions in modern history of a paper on Hydroxychloroquine.


Are you unfamiliar with the process of peer review? This is science working as intended. Blame psychopaths like Wakefield for spreading dangerous lies, not the process that was used to determine they were lies in the first place.


Peer review isn't perfect, but it's supposed to filter out papers with obvious and major flaws.
And usually scientific journals which are more highly regarded, are supposed to be more strict in their peer review process than others. Which is how they become highly regarded in the first place.

The hydroxychloroquine paper for example had major flaws in the design of the analysis. There wasn't even a need for an expert in order to discover that, and you're supposed to have experts doing the peer review process in such a highly regarded journal.

TokenBoomer [OP]

The madlad went and did it. Well played.


Thank you, I was not disappointed.

Resol van Lemmy

How does Israel keep getting away with this?

TokenBoomer [OP]

As with most times this question is asked, the answer is - money.

Resol van Lemmy

Because of course it is.

A_A , edited

Genocide in our time is worst than the one committed by Hitler since nowadays we know what is happening. Our response should be greater than Nuremberg trials of the Nazi.


It’s never good to compare one genocide to the other. If you did and applied consequence to it, the current situation in Gaza would come show up somewhere in the middle of all ongoing atrocities, behind Sudan and Yemen.

Instead, efforts should be made to stop all of these wars regardless of location and political ideology.


And it won't even see something similar to Allies from the west and Soviets from the east converging to get rid of even just the "war" aspect of it, because the smallest-dick army in the world is sponsored by the biggest-bully army this time.


At the start of WWII nobody even knew what Hitler was doing to the Jews/gays/Romani/etc. let alone gave a shit; other countries were forced to fight only because the Axis kept attacking them.

Geopolitically speaking, invading a country to save an internal minority from genocide is just not a thing that happens.


Then no person on earth should have a content conscious until such a thing happens, at least in such blatant incidents in an age the video proofs can refute any doubts.



TokenBoomer [OP] , edited

Sounds like a Jonas brothers album… we’ll work shop it.

HomerianSymphony , edited

How about genjoecide?

TokenBoomer [OP]

That one’s great, plus, we get all the red heads too.


Right? I mean, the Palestinians and the Israelis got along just fine before Biden got elected….


Yea, a thousand years of absolute peace and no bloodshed.

This thread certainly isn't leveraging a genocide to push political agenda at all.


It always amazes me how US citizen think everyone here from the US. If I don't live in the US, it doesn't matter who is in office because the actions of “not stopping Israel” and “sending them unlimited support” is the same and should be blame on the person the citizen elected.


I feel like maybe the sarcasm was lost.


Deleted by author


When do you think this conflict started? Because it sure as shit wasn't October 7

TokenBoomer [OP]

I think they have been pushed into this corner for 75 years. So, yes, I think they were willing to risk annihilation for a chance at freedom. But, that’s just my opinion.

roboto , edited

Absolutely agree, October 7 wasn’t the start of this. I think no one could have thought that the world would back the Israelis like this in their genocide. Like, western countries always had their back and the west has done horrible things e.g. in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan & Iraq.

Nevertheless I think it’s shocking to see that there are absolutely no red lines when it comes to Western geopolitical interests. You would think that there’d be at least some kind of basic sense of humanity, anything, but it simply doesn’t exist.

EnderWiggin , edited

Deleted by author

TokenBoomer [OP]

And also the freedom to change their charter:

While the 1988 Hamas Charterhad been widely criticized for its antisemitism, the 2017 document stated that Hamas' fight was not with Jews as such because of their religion but with the Zionistproject.

EnderWiggin , edited

Deleted by author

TokenBoomer [OP]

No one is carrying water for Hamas. We are, however, carrying water to the Palestinian civilians, but Israel keeps bombing them.