Reform UK under pressure to prove all its candidates were real people

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A series of candidates listed on the Nigel Farage-led party’s election website only show their name and the constituency they stood in, without any information about them, or contact details beyond a generic regional email address.

The Guardian has also learned that one Reform candidate suspected of being fake, in part because his official election photo looked AI-generated, is a real person.

The suspicions about Mark Matlock, who won 1,758 votes in Clapham and Brixton Hill in south London, were compounded when he did not show for the election count, with sceptics also pointing to an apparent lack of any photographs of him campaigning.

Matlock, who lives in the Cotswolds, said he did undertake a leaflet drop, adding that he understood the rush to get candidates in place: “The election caught us all on the hop and Rishi Sunak knew that.

Yusuf, a Muslim businessman who spoke at a recent Reform rally, is the founder of a luxury concierge company called Velocity Black, and gave Nigel Farage’s party £200,000.

Other donors to Reform include £125,000 from Jeremy Hosking, a businessman who recently backed Laurence Fox’s Reclaim party and the anti-vax former Tory MP Andrew Bridgen.

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He looks like an AI prompt for “douchebag billionaire”.


Looks AI-generated with the prompt “the love child of Elon Musk and Donald Trump”.

It really looks like a combination of those two twats.


"Can two twats reproduce? The answer may surprise you. We'll find out more on our story, at eleven..."

FelixCress [OP] , edited

I can sincerely confirm they were nearly all born and bred UK fascists, apart from perhaps a few that were made up in Russia.

Flying Squid

I've been wondering whether or not Nigel Farage was a real person for a long time. This would explain a few things. Like his total lack of humanity.


The fuck is going on if "alive human" isn't checked before the election?


All they have to do is weaken the election process and they can swoop in and grab everything. Thats how it is in the US too.


we have to provide picture id an address and they don't?


lol hold on, did one of their bot candidates accidentally win or something…?


No but when people can't vote directly for Farage, they vote for their local Reform candidate.

It looks like Reform has just been self-nominating candidates that didn't even do any campaigning and may or may not even exist, so that gullible people could vote for their local candidate, and gain a higher percentage of seats for Reform, even if not the outright winner


How is this legal?


It really *really* isn't


Electoral law should at least demand the same levels of identification for the candidates as it does for the voters. Candidates should be on the electoral register (somewhere) and they should've presented one of the recognised forms of photo ID.


Holy shit. Are we at a point where the elite are trying to rule the population with AI??? Ok, Everybody look out for anyone running in elections named Albert G Rhythem.


What does it mean to be a "real person?" Was Shakespeare a real person? His works have had a real effect on the world, does that make him real?

Flying Squid

I'm pretty sure if someone put up Shakespeare as a candidate in a modern UK election, that wouldn't be allowed.


This might be peak jaqing off

Todd Bonzalez

Amazing that you would choose an example person that would absolutely be an issue if he showed up on the ballot.