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For anyone who doesn't want to read the article, the 186,000 figure is the best estimate of the totality of death caused by the war, including as of yet unrecovered bodies from rubble, deaths due to diseases brought about by the conflict, etc. They estimate for every confirmed fatality, there could be up to 3 or more fatalities of the types previously described.


It's a *conservative* estimate, not the best.


I'm sure this will solve the conflict. Nothing bad will ever come from this in the future I'm sure. The Palestinians will swiftly put this behind them forever because who ever thinks of what happened in the past?

Tryptaminev [OP]

Fuck everyone who still supports, denies or downplays this genocide.

Tygr , edited

That’s millions of people pissed off, holding grudges that will take revenge when possible.


Don't look away. The least you can do for these people is not look away.

floofloof , edited

The population of Gaza was about 2 million before the war. So that means that even by a fairly conservative estimate, Israel has killed almost 10% of the people in the last 9 months, and it's starving the rest while depriving them of water and power. Whatever Israel says its goals are, the facts make clear what it's actually about.


Literal decimation


Israel has killed almost 10% of the people in the last 9 months

This is a slight misinterpretation. The estimate also includes deaths that will occur in the coming months and years because of the war.


Remember when this first started happening, we hit, what was it? 5,000? And all the apologists were going "YOU DON'T KNOW!!!"



damn that's a lot of Hamas militants


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Hmmmm, trying to think of another historic figure who wanted to conquer land for living space.

Flying Squid

This isn't about living space, this is about Netanyahu maintaining his dictatorship through war powers in a forever war. And when he is done with Palestine, he will move on to Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Resol van Lemmy

I can already smell the whole "expansionism" thing that many empires once did. History repeats itself.

I simply don't understand how Israel still isn't satisfied with the land it already has (the UN recognized territory), why do they need to just gobble up more?

Flying Squid

Like I said, this is not so much about land as it is Netanyahu maintaining a dictatorship through war powers. The "resorts on Gaza's beaches" thing is a bonus to him, but the main thing is maintaining his power.

Dictatorship is his main reason for doing things. Just ask his former best friend. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-798324

Resol van Lemmy

So expansionism is a side effect of dictatorship. How the hell did I forget about this?


This has been happening even before netanyahu


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