Germany gets top marks for integration of migrants

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A new OECD study has found Germany is successfully integrating migrants despite obstacles such as migrants often having little education.

If you were to listen to many in Germany, you would think the country's integration of migrants and asylum seekers was going rather poorly. But a new study by the 38-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that isn't the case.

Despite a number of challenges — such as further education and training — Germany is doing a better job than many of its European neighbors when it comes to integrating new arrivals, the study finds.

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And yet no German politician will dare claim that achievement because they still think they can appease the far right.


And the far right will still paint the integration as failing because the people voting right are almost exclusively not living in cities and not in contact with immigrants of any kind so all they see are the Horrorstories in the media which reports all migrant-violence but not that every other day there's a femicide by a German.

It's so shitty how skewed the whole discussion is because media doesn't want to be seen as biased by not reporting on some local dispute ending in violence so they Overreport everything instead...

Last weekend there was an attack in Berlin where 20 Neonazis kicked people's heads when they were already on the ground and they specifically targeted people going to a left wing protest

Somehow that's only local news but a group of migrants harassing a woman regularly is newsworthy enough to make German-wide headlines...


Far right voters are unfortunately not exclusively living outside of cities. Especially in Berlin, where the Nazi attack happened, the "conservative" CDU won the elections after saying police should publish the names of juvenile suspects, so that the public could judge, whether they are "real Germans" or "only German citizens". And the "social democrat" SPD in Berlin threw away a majority coalition with Green and Left party to become junior under the CDU. More than half of the people in Berlin voted fascist AfD, far-right CDU or center-right SPD with these three parties.

If you want to look at Munich, similiar story with the even further right bavarian CSU and FW, where having a past as holocaust celebrator gets you votes instead of costing them. Look at Hamburg, where the SPD Pimmelminister of the interior sends out the police to harass people with raids, after they already admitted to the "crime" of calling him a Pimmel on Twitter.

Look at the Sylt-Videos where in the upper class rich peoples holiday resort they chanted "Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus" (Germany the Germans, foreigners out) and proudly posted it on social media.

It is not a problem exclusive to rural areas. It is a huge problem in all of Germany. It is a huge problem in all parts of German society, no matter the income, education, or population density.

Flying Squid

Ah yes, blaming migrants for women getting harassed or attacked... as if that wouldn't happen to women regardless.


Yeah I’m living in Berlin and I tried making some kind of very sad statistic of who harassed my girlfriend (it happens pretty much every time we go out in some way or another). The only common denominator is that all of the perpetrators are men. Catcalling, misogyny, actual physical harassment (luckily rare), it keeps happening. No matter the person's phenotype, no matter if in German, English or another language, no matter the age. It’s ridiculous to blame this all on migrants.


As always it's important to get the thoughts of sports or movie stars before making any judgements.

According to German soccer star Toni Kroos, Germany is worse off which doesn't seem like a metric of success.

He said he felt that Germany had become less secure since he left, and was now concerned his child would not come back “unharmed” from a night out alone.

Kroos told the Lanz & Precht podcast: “I think Germany is a great country and I’m happy to be here, but it’s not really the same country that it was 10 years ago when we left.”

But of course he hasn't lived there for 10 years so who knows what he's basing this on.

thetreesaysbark , edited

I mean, most countries don't stay the same for 10 years. Also. Most people get more fearful over their children getting hurt as they get older, and the parent loses control.

Sounds like this person is just getting older and doesn't realise they're fitting into a pretty well known stereotype of parents.

Flying Squid

Until the AfD gets into power at least...


This is the best summary I could come up with:

Despite a number of challenges — such as further education and training — Germany is doing a better job than many of its European neighbors when it comes to integrating new arrivals, the study finds.

For the study, OECD migration expert Thomas Liebig compared data from countries such as Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France and Italy, as well as from Scandinavian nations.

His finding: Although much attention is focused on asylum seekers and refugees, most migration in Germany comes from citizens moving within the European Union.

A glance at Germany's migration map makes that clear: Almost 60% of people come because EU citizens can find easier access to work here.

But, despite the issues of migration, Germany simply cannot afford long, drawn-out debates about whether it is a country of immigrants or not, the study finds.

Ingegration commissioner Alabali-Radovan added that she commissioned the study to bring greater objectivity to what she called "an emotional debate."

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