Kyiv Children’s Hospital Destroyed by Russian Missile Attack, Multiple Casualties Reported

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Video confirmation that it was intentional

Kh-101 cruise missile debris

Video footage of the missile hitting "Okhmadit" clearly shows that it was the Kh-101 cruise missile.

The characteristic wings on the body and the rounded shape of the nose indicate that it was the Kh-101 strategic missile, which completely refutes the propagandists' versions of the alleged fall of an air defense missile fired from the Patriot air defense system on the hospital.

Also, the trajectory on which the Kh-101 flies clearly demonstrates that the missile is purposefully going to the target, which was a children's hospital.

Two people died in the "Okhmatdyt" hospital as a result of an attack by the Russian Federation.

According to the mayor of the city, both are adults. In particular, one doctor.

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The Russian reliance on terror tactics makes me wonder what lessons they took away from WW2. This is clearly part of a pattern; a military doctrine, that had already been applied during the fighting in Syria, if not earlier.


The day that a nation (or organisation - ie. NATO) on equal footing with the Russian Federation stands up to them, and metaphorically punches them in the nose; is the day that Russia rethinks its military strategy. Until then, the cost to them are just some stern words.


They? We

We learned nothing. All the "lessons" were just politics and leverage. Mankind is doomed.


While Russians are indeed savages... let's not forget that our dear empire will do similar war crimes!


Not really the same. Russia sees bombing hospitals as a viable military tactic. In an interview with journalist a woman was saying that she can't report on all the hospital that Russia bombs because it happens so often that it can't really be prioritized as big news. I'm talking about numbers in the hundreds last I check. They also did this in Syria.

Resol van Lemmy

How. The fuck. Does Russia. Keep getting away with this???? It's a fucking children's hospital, not a military base.


Fascists don't play by the rules. They just remind you if someone else doesn't follows it all the time, even if they broke it to a lesser degree. One of the main reason why I'm now extremely skeptical of callouts, and extensive research on both the target and the people doing the callout (sometimes they're just fascists doing some quite bad impression of the left, to incite infighting).

Resol van Lemmy

To me it seems like international law doesn't apply to some people for... whatever reason.


It's hard to enforce. Best it could do is "we pinky-promise we won't genocide each other, and won't use terroristic methods".

Resol van Lemmy

What a depressing world we live in.


You don't understand, HAMAS was in there!

...wait wrong one.

Resol van Lemmy

They attacked a children's hospital because it was enthusiastic? (Note: "hamas" is Arabic for enthusiasm)

How does that justify anything?


It doesn't, that's the "joke." It's Isreal and the wests "go to" argument for when they pull this b.s is Palestine :(

Resol van Lemmy


fluxion , edited

How does this not earn a few atacm strikes on Russia bases? Make these fuckers pay.

Flying Squid

It was only a matter of time before Putin caused mass child casualties. I'm only surprised it's taken this long.

Unfortunately, I doubt it will make any of his current allies think twice about their support. Most of them wouldn't hesitate to do the same thing in his position.


Not like this is the first time. It's not even the second time.


Once again there was a sign out front saying “children”


The Kremlin hit a theater packed with children in Mariupol, there was a massive sign outside that said children.


Jfc looks like child cancer patients in that one pic.

Good that there are reporters on the ground to show the world what Russia is doing.

Wilshire [OP]

The missile hit the dialysis unit.


Absolute insanity. When I'm seeing these things around the world and now in Ukraine I'm always trying to see a logical explanation, some twisted cynical reasoning for why you bomb these vulnerable civilian targets, and I can't find anything. It's just cruelty. Ukrainians aren't going to surrender because of this, people and nations never have before. It just makes resistance to your war that much more defiant. If you bomb a childrens hospital, it's just because you want to punish people for not letting you win.

The second part that hurts is that this changes so little in the grand scheme. Maybe some guy who was living under a rock who was skeptical changes his mind about this invasion. But the vast majority of Russian internet propagandists, pro-Russia politicians in parliaments in the EU and around the world and people blinded by Putins lies will find some pathetic excuse to deny and deflect. And in a week the next atrocity occurs somewhere


Ukrainians aren’t going to surrender because of this

Never in the history of modern warfare has bombing of civilian targets "broken the will" of the populace like it's intended to do. Every time it strengthens their resolve to fight. If you're trying to conquer somewhere by bombing civilians you'll have to kill all of them for it to be successful.


Dresden would like a word...


The firebombing of Dresden, while terrible, didn't do anything to convince the population to stop fighting.


That's kind of what I meant, though.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki DID do the trick


And Hiroshima


When they do this it's usually because they're lashing out. Ukraine must've done something in the last week or so that frustrated the Russian forces. I can't think of what it could be.


Very sad to see here.


Ffs a children's hospital? Pretty sure the Ukrainian weren't using it as a firing platform so wtf?


Grab them by the Children’s Hospital. When you’re a Nuclear Power, they let you do it.


They probably figure if the world looks away while it happens in Gaza why would anyone stop them?


Seeing shit like this makes me want to see russia fucking nuked and putin hanging from a balcony. A FUCKING KIDS HOSPITAL??? What the fuck is wrong with people.



There are more than enough Russians suffering under Putin's rule, it's not their fault.

Kill Putin, preferably with one of his own methods like polonium poisoning. Let the fucker suffer before he does.

Do the same with his too aides, and his likely replacements as especially those will be even worse.


Perjury Traitor Greed supports this.

Chemical Wonka


Chemical Wonka

When the Zionist State destroys a children hospital in Palestine the headliner is: Hospital in Palestine was destroyed and authorities investigate those responsible for the attack


Usually it's more like "HAMAS hideout successfuly destroyed! Slight collateral damage has reduced pediatric care capacity. Israel says sowwy, send more bombs though."


They only care when the victims are white.


Apparently not, considering you barely hear a blip when this shit happens in Ukraine. When it happens in Palestine, people lose their fucking minds.


You’re a one note clown. Keep sowing disinformation and all your calls to vote 3rd party just show what a fool you are.

Better typing online than planting sunflowers eh?