Indian Prime Minister Modi makes first visit to Russia since the start of its war on Ukraine

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So what will be the mental gymnastics to frame this as a good thing


"Give me those T-90s that you promised or we stop shopping you stuff"


Looks like somebody is itching to be a dictator.


Very aggravating to see this, Modi said he was on a mission from god, so I guess his god(s) are ok with him financing killing innocent civilians and defenders against aggressors. Lot of love there, cool religion bro.


After he saw he didn't have a complete grip on power he decided that fondling Putin balls is more important than his "mission from god" grift.


This is the best summary I could come up with:

Russia has had strong ties with India since the Cold War, and New Delhi’s importance as a key trading partner for Moscow has grown since the Kremlin sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022.

The partnership between Moscow and New Delhi has become fraught, however, since Russia started developing closer ties with India’s main rival, China, because of the hostilities in Ukraine.

Chietigj Bajpaee, senior South Asia research fellow at the U.K.-based Chatham House, said India is becoming increasingly estranged from forums in which Russia and China play a prominent role.

A confrontation in June 2020 along the disputed China-India border dramatically altered their already touchy relationship as the rival troops fought with rocks, clubs and fists.

Facing an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court for actions over the war in Ukraine, Putin’s foreign travel has been relatively sparse in recent years, so Modi’s trip could help the Russian leader boost his image.

India-Russia trade has seen a sharp increase, touching close to $65 billion in the 2023-24 financial year, due to strong energy cooperation, Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra told reporters Friday.

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Botox maybe?

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Everyone with that unfortunate condition that I have met has had an unquestionably good heart. I would put any of them in charge of Russia, despite their cognitive disabilities, over Putin. At least they wouldn't do overtly evil shit and they'd probably listen to people if they said not to do something because it was a bad idea.

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It wasn't meant to be insulting. Just bad taste I guess

Flying Squid

I think the problem is that it can still be offensive without meaning to be. I just wasn't sure as a mod whether or not it crossed that line, but it looks like someone else decided it did.