Boeing pleads guilty to a criminal fraud charge · BBC News - World

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Deceptichum , edited

Imagine if I killed someone, hid the evidence, promised to be better, and didn’t do anything to improve so I got slapped with a $248 bill and were free to go on as normal.

The legal system is an unjust joke. Any individual doing these acts would be fucked for life.

Enoril , edited

It’s even worse..

At no moment, you are in financial or personal trouble because (despite this situation being 100% your decision) it’s your old company!

You already left with a big bonus and don’t care if this decision will impact people life... You fly in private jet...

Yep, really good system...

Flying Squid

Corporations are people! That's why the people who run the corporations can't be responsible for what the person who is the corporation does!

Enoril , edited

Yes but not in term of sanction.. Do you think the head of boeing will pay himself the fine?

When accountability is not enforced to the real responsible(s), well... you see what happens...


I once got stuck sitting beside a Boeing engineer on a flight. We both had the same layover, and both picked the very back seats of each plane. So I started joking about Boeing losing the F-35 program after wasting billions of taxpayers dollars since the 90s. He was neither impressed nor amused, and I didn't see him on thr next flight when we all boarded. I'm assuming he changed his flight


Let's hope your jet was made by your company.

Flying Squid

Promised to do better, *then* got "lucky" when two people who let everyone know about the murders died suddenly.


And that's just one death. They killed hundreds of people and are getting fined less than a normal person would for a speeding ticket.


Boeing was fined $243mil

Boeing profits >$10mil on each $100mil 737 max they sell

Boeing has a annual revenue >$70000mil

Boeing was fined <1% of their annual revenue

Boeing killed 346 people

Flying Squid

Cost of doing business. Stock buyback time!


Forgot the part where the shareholders agreed to give the CEO a nice 20+mil bonus while this is going on.

ipkpjersi , edited

This is a rounding error to them. Boeing doesn't care that they killed 348 people.

Businesses need to be held accountable. Businesses won't be held accountable because they pay governments off.


Boeing doesn't care that they killed 346 people.

Are you counting the 2 suddenly dead whistleblowers?


Oops, I forgot to include them. My math is not that good that early in the morning lol


But think of the poor Shareholders (/s)


I’m so disappointed this didn’t go to trial.

Trial would have meant discovery, and public disclosure of findings, along with potentially more discovery and/or charges if the trial process reveals anything more to look into.

I wonder what secret they have that’s worth a quarter of a billion dollars.
(High confidence they will try to appeal in one of the Trump judge districts. The verdict might get lowered to $1 or something dumb.)

Flying Squid

So its executives will be going to prison, right?


jpreston2005 , edited

If a company is too big to fail, and the loss of it would have serious ramifications for the country as a whole, then when faced with continued corporate malfeasance, they should NATIONALIZE the company. Oh, is this too important to be left to morons who issue stock buybacks amid layoffs while cutting corners in manufacturing/compliance? Then NATIONALIZE IT.

Do it with boeing, do it with railroads, and do it with healthcare. I'm sick of these private corporations fucking over all of us repeatedly and NOTHING being done. They're just left to do it again! No jail time, no consequences that they couldn't easily afford, NOTHING.

Boeing CEO's

-Thornton Wilson (68-86)

-Frank Shrontz (86-96)

-Philip Condit (96-03)

-Harry Stonecipher (03-05)

-James McNerney (05-15)

-Dennis Muilenburg (15-19)

-Dave Calhoun (20-Present)


Nationalize it, then hand it over to the internal unions.


I'm a great believer that the workers should own companies, but the same logic applies. If it is too big to fail, then no private ownership should be permitted, either capital or worker.


There are ranges of nationalized control over a company. USPS, for example, would do a lot better if Congress wasn't forcing certain choices, such as how they fund pension plans.


Republicans - actively attacking Americans by destroying public services.

Also Republicans - See!? We told you government services suck.

Fucking trash anti-american rapists


Any company that's too big to fail is too big to exist.


Nationalize Boeing 🙏


I’m sick of these private corporations fucking over all of us repeatedly and NOTHING being done.

You misunderstand the role distribution. The American people are not the ones who are being *protected from* the big companies in the country.

They are the prey being offered to the big companies.

The companies have won. They are paying the legislation to provide a buffet of easily exploitable, squeezable unprotected victims. Depending on whether you need medical procedures, an education, or are just unlucky enough to be chosen to become labour in the private prison complex due to being the wrong colour, the companies are just waiting for you to fall into their respective web, at which point they own you, suck you dry and leave you to bankruptcy or worse.


Nationalise them


Go after the individuals responsible, the company leadership created a culture which maximizes profits over safety.

By simply fining them we are saying that the cost of human lives can be factored into the cost of business.


They're obeying the shareholders. So long as the corporate veil persists, they'll keep finding fall guys who will take the risk.

Yes I am aware of why the corporate veil exists, and it's a bad reason.


So long as executives have a fiduciary responsibility to generate returns for the shareholders, they can dust their hands of making decisions that kill customers so long as a profit is made.


It was just fraud after all. Nobody got hurt because of it (at least nobody of importance), right? /s

gravitas_deficiency , edited


A part of the ruling should require that all Boeing executives and employees will only fly on Boeing planes for as long as they’re employed by the company