Hungary's Orban unexpectedly visits China, backs Xi's peace plan

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China sat out the Swiss meeting -- "The international community should create conditions for the resumption of direct dialogue and negotiations between the two sides and provide assistance," Xi told Orban, according to Chinese state media.


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Orban does what Putin wants. Hungarian cleptocrats depend on russian gas and european subsidies. And Putin has Orbans vote to now invade other countries in east europe. Nice new world order .. not!


I really wish there was a way to kick countries out of the EU.


At least suspend their voting right.


Kinda surprised an obvious troyan horse like us is still allowed to be in NATO.


Orban is a transactional. Give him a better offer and he will switch side. Looks like China and Russia are the ones paying the most right now.

no banana

My only thought is that maybe he's useful for something which we, the regular peasants, have no clue about.


Xi's plan: give us what we want and we'll stop. Putin's plan: give us what we want and we'll stop. Netanyahu's plan: give us what we want and we'll stop.

Just adult bullies, really, Orban is trying to seem relevant.

Flying Squid

To modernize an old joke, Xi and Putin just want peace. A piece of Taiwan, a piece of Ukraine, a piece of the South China Sea...


All the dictators are running a train on Orban so they can pretend they have the EU by the balls while Hungary has the presidency.


Not sure what is unexpected about this

boredtortoise [OP]

My mind read the title as expectedly and you made me check