Israel’s Campaign of Starvation in Gaza Has Palestinians Eating Weeds to Survive

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“They cook leaves in water and spices. Even using the water is risky, because there’s no power to run the desalination plants.”

“Solar power is no longer available in Gaza either. Israeli drones have systematically targeted every solar panel on every roof across Gaza. They want people to lose hope and starve,” he continued.

Issa explained that people believe expired canned foods, when made available in Gaza, are making their children sick. This has led some to try to avoid such foods for fear that they would not be able to get treatment for their kids should they fall ill, given that northern Gaza no longer has any health system to speak of.


If there was any question about Israel's genocidal intent, surely there can't be now.


"News" from this website has no place in a news community.


Yeah I don't doubt there is starvation in Gaza but the article posted by op is not news and not factual.

For an example of what good news coverage reads like see this article

EnderWiggin What the fuck, Lemmy? Be better...


We have been getting these reports since early this year.

I guess the world won't react until we have "hard evidence" aka dead people en masse. Just late enough for israel to do some real damage.


I'm sure this is why Israel kills all the reporters they can.

Deceptichum , edited

The world cannot react until Biden, *his* administration, and America as a whole stops protecting and supporting Israel.

Armok: God of Blood

Will the world react when Trump starts bombing Palestine with US troops?

Biden is the *less harmful* option.

Deceptichum , edited

No, both are bad choices.

And most importantly genocide is not the less harmful option. I don’t care how erect a US president gets over it, I care that it’s happening.


This is Biden's doing.


And this news source is trusted while Telegraph links get removed. Ha!