Le Pen’s National Rally to take control of far-right Patriots in EU Parliament

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BRUSSELS — MEPs from Marine Le Pen’s National Rally are set to join the Patriots for Europe on Monday, making the new far-right group the third-largest in the European Parliament, several people involved in the discussions told POLITICO.

The Patriots clinching third place in Parliament — a position held by Emmanuel Macron’s Renew Europe since 2019 — would be a significant blow to the centrist coalition seeking a parliamentary majority to secure a second term for Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission president.

A large Patriots grouping would give the National Rally a significant position in Parliament despite disappointing results in the French legislative election on Sunday.

National Rally President and MEP Jordan Bardella hinted strongly that his party would join the Patriots in a speech Sunday evening, saying that “at long last, starting tomorrow our MEPs will fully play their role in a large group which will influence the power balance in Europe, to refuse being flooded by migrants, punitive environmentalism and the confiscation of our sovereignty.”

Orbán launched the Patriots on June 30 in Vienna, alongside Andrej Babiš’ Czech ANO party and Herbert Kickl’s Austrian FPÖ.

The bulk of the AfD MEPs — without Krah — could join another new outfit called the Sovereignists, which could scrape together the requisite numbers needed to form a group, although it would likely be Parliament’s smallest.

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Reminds me of that Mr show skit, where the White supremacist runs a hate group full of every ethnicity and they are all friends but still want a race war. Like we want French ethno state through working with other nationalities!!



Love that skit. "Ocean in the Desert".

GregorGizeh , edited

It starts making sense when you keep in mind that these people dont necessarily want to kill all other ethnicities, just for them to get the fuck out. I believe most subscribe to the ideal scenario of ethnostates, whom might even be friendly towards another (as long as everyone stays where they belong).


Yep, that's why you see a lot of the same people simping for Trump, Putin, Orban, Modi and Netanyahu.

Flying Squid

The real problem is that that's what the Nazis wanted at the beginning too- until they realized the rest of the world wasn't on board.