Kia to build $30,000 EV3 in Mexico, unlocking US EV tax credit

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burble , edited

Between the EV3, EX30, R3, and little Jeep EV, I'm hoping that small EVs change some American minds about car size and reverse some of the arms race. They still aren't small small, but at least they aren't an F150 or Suburban.

mesamune , edited

I'd still like to get a dumb electric vehicle. Literally just replace a civic engine or something similar with a replaceable battery and I would love it.


A purpose built skateboard chassis is still good for a low center of gravity, bigger battery capacity, and ease of manufacturing, but I would gladly pass on a lot of bells and whistles and "luxury" features.


This is the dream. 21 hatchback that I want nothing more than to do an EV conversion on when it's time for a refresh.

On a somewhat related tangent, aftermarket support for Onewheels has finally overtaken the VC funded walled garden that is Future Motions business strategy. Enough that the company is finally reacting to community wants after a decade of requests falling on deaf ears.

The diy scene has always been there, but it's now reached a point where things are largely plug and play, and a board can be build from scratch if you're comfortable building a pc. There's aftermarket parts for every piece of the board.

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Dubious for sure, but the actual rule is pretty horrible too. You're telling me new cars will be monitoring me while I drive, determining if I'm impaired on its own, and potentially shutting itself off if it thinks I am? Beyond the huge privacy concern, do we really believe this tech will work for 100% of people?


Cars have lane assist and auto braking technology these days, could be as simple as it being impossible to deactivate these things if the car thinks you're drunk.


This looks like an interesting replacement for the Chevy Bolt class of cars that currently is missing. A lot of these are being announced but not on the market yet.


They'll come to U.S. dealers at $30k who will immediately mark them up $10k minimum and add on thousands$$ of unneeded crap to the total cost.

The dealer system is fucking broken.


I've got a 2003 Mitsubishi that I plan on driving til it's wheels come off, it's a dumb IC car, which I understand is heresy in this sub, but it's not some over engineered prohibitively expensive to fix ET fucking phone home device, and that's the world i want to continue to live in for as long as I possibly can


Can this one be stolen with a USB too?