China’s Surge in Solar and Hydro Point to Early Carbon Peak

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Chinas economy has problems, the population is falling and they do have a massive built up of green technologies. That are important factors for a fast change in emissions. Given that China is producing about 30% of global emissions, this is really great news. Lets hope countries like India do not make up for the drop.


My hopes are high that China can do this. They still seem to need a better grid, like most countries, so I am curious how they will solve this.


fuck china, whatever they're saying they did is a lie


We can verify a lot of that. There are satellites in space measuring emissions and they are good enough to get data for individual power plants.


Fuck China, but when it comes to carbon emissions, they could burn coal for another 50 years and still not be as bad as the united states.

silence7 [OP]

That's not true at all; they're burning more than the US is now, by a fair bit. The US has a lot of historical cumulative emissions, but China is close to overtaking those.


That's exactly what I mean.

More importantly, the per capita rate for the US (and Australia and Canada etc) is far worse. You may hate the chinese government, but can you explain to me why Chinese people dont have the right to drive cars and run refrigerators, but people in the US do?


What the hell are you saying? This has to be a joke.

TheIvoryTower , edited

No joke. What exactly don't you understand?

People in the US have been burning carbon at an extraordinary rate since the Industrial Revolution, in the 1900s.

Still to this day they burn carbon at a rate of 14.44 tonnes per person per year.

Chinese people burn 8.85 tonnes per person per year.

They burn that carbon running cars, generating electicity, living their lives.

If we are measuring how much CO2 countries have contributed, China has decades of shitty energy production up on the US. They may be a ruthless authoritarian communist state, but they are the not the ones responsible for climate change.

Also, half of the emissions they create are producing your cheap plastic crap to be bought on Amazon


fuck china full stop