Marlon Wayans defied haters by posting Pride pics honoring his trans son

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Pretty sure the Wayans grew up Jehovahs Witnesses. Good to see him bail on that shit. Who knows how his kid woulda fared with that brain poison looming over them.


He needs to be CANCELLED! REAL families NEGLECT and REJECT their Children that don't conform just like JESUS did!


Jesus Christ!


Yep, that's the guy


If he really loved his kid he'd give him copious amounts of bread and wine like Jesus did.


The "In Living Color" and "Scary Movie" alum counts a trans son among his three kids.

I mean......regardless how you feel about trans people, if the kid is his son, and he has 3 kids, it would be one of his three kids.

It's like saying "Tom bought 3 cars. He considers the yellow one among the three cars he's bought."

All that being said, it's nice to see that Marlon isn't a piece of shit that disowns his own children.


I think you're misunderstanding the statement. He counts, among his three kids, a trans son. As in, among his three kids he has a trans son. If two of his kids were trans, He would count two trans sons among his three kids. Or he counts two boys among his three kids. Or whatever. It is counting the portion of his kids are in the demographic they are mentioning.


Are you a native English speaker? This isn’t quite an idiom, but the phrase “counts [something] among [a larger set]” doesn’t convey quite the meaning you seem to have interpreted. It merely highlights a featured part of a larger group. In this case “counts” simply means “numbers” not validity.


"Considers" ≠ "Counts"

"Tom counts a yellow Corvette among his three sportscars" would be a perfectly natural statement in an article where Corvette ownership is relevant. In this article, parenthood of a transgender child is relevant.


"Well, actually...."