In Need of Munitions, Putin to Visit North Korea

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Almost funny that Putin is so desperate that Jong Un makes Putin come to him to kiss the ring in exchange for ammo.

jeffw [OP]

Almost? No, it’s just straight up funny

Pringles , edited

Russia is a North Korean client state now.


Wouldn't it be funny if the western powers bought all of north Korea's armory out and gave it to Ukraine for defense against Russia

Flying Squid

I'd do the "are we the baddies?" thing, but I think Putin and Kim know they are already.


Kim inherited his mess. Putin made his own.

That's not to say that Kim isn't allowing things to continue mostly as they were, but it could be beyond his ability to change things even if he wanted to.

Putin, on the other hand, only needs to call off the "special military exercise" and most of his immediate problems will go away.


Why? Cant they make their own? I thought if Russia was producing anything useful, it would be ammo at this point.

The Assman

North Koreans, this is your chance to be world heroes


How funny would it be if Putin went to North Korea, and then was stuck inside? They say North Korea is inescapable. I don't know how true that is, but it would be funny if Kim Jong Un was just like Ariel Castro, like "GOTCHA BITCH!"

Except unlike Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, I won't feel sorry for the captive.


I had to reread that, because I thought Knight Rider had been trapped in North Korea.