Extreme heat takes withering toll in teeming Philippine jails

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As temperatures rose past 122 degrees in parts of the country last month, jails reported thousands of cases of boils, rashes and skin disease among inmates.

To escape the heat of the overcrowded cells, 100 people — usually the elderly and sickly — are allowed to sleep on a roof deck, which also functions as an assembly area, basketball court, library and place of worship.

The Philippine Supreme Court, stressing for the first time the effects of climate change on prison populations, recently ordered judges across the country to visit jails “for the sole purpose of determining how [persons deprived of liberty] are affected by this heat wave.”

In the United States, nearly 45 percent of detention facilities have seen an increase in hazardous heat days from 1982 to 2020, according to a recent study in the scientific journal Nature Sustainability.

Moving through their sleeping quarters, a thermometer held by an advocate beeped red with the alert “HIGH,” an indicator the temperature had hit a danger zone.

Two weeks earlier, after a basketball game, a brawl had broken out among inmates that left seven injured, and the jail’s administrators said they believed the intense heat had contributed to the unrest.

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The scale of human suffering across the planet is enough to make your stomach turn


Thanks mom and dad. I love paying monthly tribute to a landed lord so I can exist in a fucking oven.