[US Rep] Raskin: Only a two-state solution can end 'nightmare' of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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The two-state solution has been dead in the water for decades now. It's just a stupid carrot on a stick to prolong the status quo. Israel has allowed more than 700k settlers to move into the occupied territories. Good luck with your two-state solution. I want to see you get those 700k settlers out of there. Hell, even moving 30k settlers out of Gaza almost ended up in a complete shitshow with parts of the IDF rising against their own government. The only solution is a democratic, secular state where everyone has the same rights, from the river to the sea, and where both Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace. Of course, reparations will have to be paid to Palestinians for the decades of suffering the settler colony has imposed on them, and on top of that, investments to make up for the decades the Palestinians have been deprived of economic possibilities. It won't be perfect, but it surely is better than trying to create a state in which 700k turbo settlers live in, most of which have a military background and surely won't leave their homes just like that.


This is the consensus of Historians too. A Two state solution might have been possible decades ago, but the constant land grabbing and division of the OPTs by Israel since 1967 has made it unfeasible.

The settlements represent land-grabbing, and land-grabbing and peace-making don’t go together, it is one or the other. By its actions, if not always in its rhetoric, Israel has opted for land-grabbing and as we speak Israel is expanding settlements. So, Israel has been systematically destroying the basis for a viable Palestinian state and this is the declared objective of the Likud and Netanyahu who used to pretend to accept a two-state solution. In the lead up to the last election, he said there will be no Palestinian state on his watch. The expansion of settlements and the wall mean that there cannot be a viable Palestinian state with territorial contiguity. The most that the Palestinians can hope for is Bantustans, a series of enclaves surrounded by Israeli settlements and Israeli military bases.

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But why end it, when some rich assholes can sell both sides weaponry? Gotta profit off of war somehow. Eventually there won't be any more russians left to continue their war. Who's left as buyers? Taiwan? South Korea?

I'd like to say that this comment is a joke. I'd like to say that, but the truth is, some within our country/government really do think that way.


Not this time. Because of the Israeli blockade Hamas's arms are all homegrown or smuggled Iranian.


Rep Rasking, who is a Jew, is ANTISEMETIC for calling out Israel!


Only israelis abondonning their belief that they have the right to the whole land and a one state solution would end nightmare of israeli-palestinian war


He should let Netenyahu and the kinessit that. This is not the message america projects at all


No country is a monolith of thought. There is opposition to genocide but without a majority there isn't much they can functionally do.