What are the most evil media corporations in the world?

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  • anything owned by Rupert Murdoch
  • anything owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • anything affiliated with Fox News Media (ref. Rupert Murdoch)

propaganda mouthpieces run by some dictator are a known factor whereas this list are trying to actively undermine the political process


There was a video a few years back of Sinclair(?) or something that had all the networks they owned say the same thing, and it was very dystopian.


The Sinclair video is expertly edited.


Sure, to get them to speak in unison. They did all read from the same script though. It wouldn't be as viscerally creepy without the editing, but I would say the situation is as bad as the video makes it seem.


Absolutely, I'm only commending the effort. It can't be easy just to gather this many clips from different sources, let alone edit them like this to both highlight the problem and maintain the viewer's attention - all without saying or explaining anything. It's obvious from just watching it. It's a masterpiece.


Oh, agreed!


Fox. They canceled Firefly.


Almost as evil as canceling Firefly: Their "news" channel perpetuating conspiracy theories, fascist talking points, and outright lies.


It is so fucking ironic that they're in the leftist side in my 3rd world country.

VanHalbgott [OP]

Oh yeah, Firefly! My dad lives that show!


Damn. That's dedication.


Warner Bros, they didn't just cancel things, they scrubbed things just for tax breaks.

And they also canceled Final Space, bastards.


Didn't they not just cancel Final Space, but will also make sure it isn't available anywhere?


They sure as fuck did, they did that to a lot of their content but Final Space was one of the first and what I was actually really into and single handedly made WBD rise to the top 3 of my personally most hated companies list


I love Final Space - never being able to watch the proper ending, because execs & profit is sad.


Fox is not Big Damn Heros


News Corp. and The Daily Mail and General Trust seem pretty evil. (In fact, let’s just say every company that owns a UK tabloid is at least 80% evil.)

Sinclair Broadcasting in the U.S. is scum too. They own a bunch of local TV channels and also their corresponding web sites. A lot of places in the U.S. have seen their local newspaper disappear (or shrink to where it might as well have) and Sinclair filled the void and pushes right wing tabloid crap.

Local TV news in the U.S. is low key one of the worst offenders at creating false narratives. I live in a city and half my older relatives think I live in a war zone because of how local news is now structured: violent crime, a story about the moral panic du jour (like “Is your teen eating Tide Pods?”) followed by sports, traffic, and weather. I’m probably a million times more likely to be killed by a car than murdered but they only cover car accidents if it’s like, “Prom queen dies in accident.”

Call me Lenny/Leni

No question about this here would be complete without mentioning that the reason the myth persists that lemmings commit suicide out of natural instinct is that people shooting a Disney nature documentary wanted footage of lemmings doing this and disgruntledly pushed thousands of them off a ledge when it was discovered they don't do this because it would get them that footage.


That sound horrible. Do you have a source?


Google owns YouTube, so it's technically a media corporation.
I'm going with Google


be evil *!*


If I worked at Google I 100% would have had the same policy. I thought the controversy was not grounded.


Fox, meta, google



👍Maximum Derek👍

I immediately thought of Meta, but it's a vast tapestry of evil out there. Maybe I should aim for a Top 5 Desert Island Evil Media List. Or we could do something like a Letterman Top 10.


I think people seriously underestimate how much disney controls western values.


Yyyyyes and no


Given how strongly Disney and their subsidiaries support LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights, I'm gonna say that they don't have nearly *enough* control.


They are a company, they don't support anything. They only look out for the most profitable paths to make money. Just last week Disney started giving donations to the Republican party again


Companies can, and do, support things. Disney hasn't stopped it's support for LGBTQ+ causes, and they 'won' the fight that DeSantis started. $87,000 in donations isn't even pocket change for Disney. When you look at where Disney puts its' money, it's pretty clear that they have a left-of-center bias.


Indeed they can and do support things...things that will allow them to make more money. They are called investments.

The "fight" with DeSantis was all theatre and their "win" simply allows them to continue to rule on their land as if nothing changed.

And I think you are mixing correlation with causation: just because they happen to support and give money to Democrats, it doesn't mean they stand by them. In the same link you shared, it shows they gave money to the Republicans and Nikki Haley...which is not something someone would do if they truly supported the things you said they do.

And that's the whole point. They are not someone. They are a company, controlled by individuals who are simply looking to maximize profits. You think they are left- or center-aligned but that is simply because that reflects the majority of their customer base. If tomorrow the right suddenly comprised the majority of their customers, they would change side immediately.

I cannot believe people in 2024 still think giant multinational companies can "be on their side"


You think they are left- or center-aligned but that is simply because that reflects the majority of their customer base

Yes. And the same fact means that they will continue to support causes on the left, and the right will continue to demonize them, which will further reinforce them as supporting the left. It's self-perpetuating. Of course companies do things to make money; their support for LGBTQ+ causes is because they can see the writing on the wall, and know that support for that is growing, and will continue to grow. And Disney, by supporting it, increases the rate that it grows.

I cannot believe people in 2024 still think giant multinational companies can “be on their side”

They are "on their side" when it's in their interest to do so. Which, bluntly, is true for almost all people. Absolute altruism--doing a 'good' thing for which you receive absolutely no reward (including public recognition or a sense of smug superiority) at all--is so rare as to be extinct. That's how politics is always played, my dude.


Disney, Google, Amazon, I guess Meta counts.




All 5 of them.


Only four now.

As of 2022, the largest media conglomerates in terms of revenue are Comcast NBCUniversalThe Walt Disney CompanyWarner Bros. Discovery, and Paramount Global.


I think I'd add Spotify for basically destroying a lot of really excellent podcasts.


Fox, Sinclair, Google and Disney are all fair choices in the thread, but every country has their local evil media companies too.In Germany Axel Springer and the Bild-Zeitung are at least in the "Also ran category" for most evil media company.

Cloudless ☼

CCTV. Ironic China Central Television has the same acronym as closed-circuit TV.


They're closed-circuit, alright.


Disney is a stupid monopoly (they also OWN Fox)

someguy3 , edited

I think Disney bought 21st century fox (the movie studio) *and the tv shows, but Fox News remains their own entity.


there is a lot to criticize Disney for, but at least they are not pushing hateful and harmful content like Fox News (which is the only part of Fox that Disney doesn't own), the Sinclair Group or some state-owned media like Russia Today does

VanHalbgott [OP]






Not media, but very bad.


Derp, I missed the "media" in the title... My bad Its been a morning already.


Monsanto is now fully owned by Bayer. Who are also evil

Dem Bosain

Not evil enough. Can't even get good heroin anymore.

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