What are the best Lemmy clients for iPhone?

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Which ones have you tried, which ones did you stop using, and which ones are the best of the bunch?

I am using Memmy and it’s not quite there - difficult touch targets, poor infinite scroll implementation, and crashy search are the big issues.

EDIT: I installed Voyager, it’s working great! Thanks for the suggestions!

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Mereo , edited

Voyager. It's an Apollo like client.


Seconding Voyager!


Voyager here as well. Works great!

FrostyCaveman , edited

And my axe!

I use it on both my iPhone and my GrapheneOS phone. Great on both.




I’m on voyager now but I’ve still got Memmy installed just incase the dev comes back, I prefer the look of Memmy but the functionality is so much better on voyager


i used memmy as well and switched to Mlem over more or less what you mentioned. no complaints so far! the UI is pretty standard.


I used to use Memmy, but that seems to have been abandoned, I am now on Voyager.

It's way better.


Nothing beats Arctic.


Thunder and Arctic. Thunder for its unique interface, and Arctic for its ability to embed and play media. Although Thunder is close to being able to do that as well.


+1 for Thunder. It's the first I tried, and coming from RedReader it was a very easy transition. And it's available for both fruit company and robot army company. A touch buggy (improving) but it's nothing actually problematic.


I use Mlem on iPhone, but I can’t send private messages, I just get an error message every time. I have to use voyager if I want to do that. Otherwise it’s a very good app.


Mlem dev here--we didn't know about that bug! We've just merged the fix, it's sitting in app review right now and should be live soon.


I was into that app for a while, but, a while back, their development almost screeched to a halt. Now they’re behind everyone else.


I've used Liftoff, Boost, Raccoon, Summit and Jerboa.

I liked Liftoff but it stopped being updated after the dev posted about having a kid.

Boost has ads unless you pay and I didn't like it enough compared to other options to make that worthwhile.

Raccoon has a host of customization options and I like it but, IDK, it just feels weird and I can't really describe why.

Summit has the best features, but I prefer Jerboa's interface. So I switch between these two a lot depending on what I'm doing.

willya , edited

Voyager, Thunder, arctic, lemmynade, photon, tesseract


No love for Connect? I found it really nice.


That's what I use. Works well. No complaints.


Arctic is really cool (pun intended). I’m using the beta version for now, but the released one is already really good!


Voyager and Thunder are the best imo