What movies & tv shows use Dolby Atmos really well?

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Most shows that have Dolby Atmos don’t really do a great job of leveraging its capabilities but some do an amazing job.

Which movies/shows do you think have scenes where Dolby Atmos really adds to your viewing experience?

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I was really impressed with Dune pt 1.

The throat singing scenes were nuts.


The opening scene of Kong Skull Island is my go to for showing off sound gear. It starts with silence, then a plane going overhead and a fist fight, then a big bassy monkey.

Oddly the TV show Bodkin on Netflix really used the surrounds. I don't know if it's Atmos but whoever did the mix really loved to utilize all the sound channels.

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Bodkin was a great show!

I can't remember if this was Bodkin or another one, but pretty sure it was bodkin, there was a water scene where they had water coming from all around the room, and it really sounded like you were there water wise.

aesthelete , edited

The show Barry seemed to me to have excellent audio engineering.

For example, there was a scene where he's driving by cars on a motorcycle that had their windows open and each song was like going by on the surround as he passed.


Also, just a fantastic show. Feels like time to do a re-watch, being reminded of it, and though I don't have fancy speakers, I'll have to pay extra attention to the audio.


The movie 1917 is my go to for sound.

Apple TV+’s nature show Earthsounds blew me away (though try to ignore how many times they say the word “acoustic” in each episode).


Rings of powersounds really good on my system.


Fallout was *amazing*.


Not a film, but if you have a Galaxy phone, it has Atmos most likely

It can do a hearing test to find out which frequencies you struggle to hear, and boost them

What a bloody difference it makes!


Yeah I have a discreet Atmos setup and most times I can’t tell if the speakers are being used (receiver correctly shows Atmos) but a sound test works.

chagall [OP]

Same. That’s why I asked the question here lol. Gonna try out some of these recommendations over the weekend.


Mother! (2017) was crazy good for Atmos in my opinion.


The fire scene in Roma has some great fire sounds on atmos


Avengers endgame (especially the final battle) is really great


Ready Player One car race