Self-hosted Wishlist

submitted by I_Am_Jacks_____

I'm interested in self-hosting a Wishlist like the way Amazon's wishlist used to work.

Needs: - Add links from websites - Mark items as purchased on others' lists - Hide purchased items within timeframe of birthday, christmas, etc

Wants: - Bookmarklet to easily add link - Runs on OpenBSD with php/nginx

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I run phogiftreg, it works really well overall but feels really dated. Development isn't very active, and I wish it was docker.


I like this idea. Would be cool if the guests could mark items as purchased and would only reflect to other guests and not the admin 😂 at least not until after the event.


You could probably make a new issue in a wishlust repo that uses markdown checkboxes or something similar. Would be good if you already host Gitea or another git sever.


I wonder if something like hoarder might suit your needs and you can filter purchased based on tags


I know it isn’t specifically what you are looking for since it isn’t self hosted, but Things to get me is great and I’ll take any opportunity to get people off of Amazon that I can.