Anyone know when the Sabotage series is going to start airing?

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I mean, Fred Kelly was going to be a character named Bunny.

Edit: Sorry if this is the wrong community for this question! Unsure what group might be in the know.

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Just wanted to comment to say this is one of the most awesome music videos ever made. Never tire of the song or video.


You might already know this, but they made a second video using more footage from the shoot. I can't remember what song it was used for, but it was on a DVD they released.

Flummoxed [OP]

This is why we need to make this happen! I can sub mit a few scripts myself to start really establishing the world, but I want to hear what other people have imagined this might be.

Doof , edited apparently someone had the same idea. ( haven’t read it yet )

Looks like it’s gone. Only an article about it


I heard Sir Stewart Wallace has had a scheduling conflict from 3 other shows that already had him under contract.


Fake news. In truth, Sir Stewart Wallace's schedule was filled with escapades, adventures, and tomfoolery, which prevented him from committing.

itsgroundhogdayagain , edited

Wait what? The greatest music video of all time is going to become a tv show?

EDIT: there's a good chance I'm just an idiot

Flummoxed [OP]

I mean, I thought so! I've been waiting a long time and just thought I might ask around.


I don't know if it will happen but I know they planned it.


I can't stand it when a perfectly fine joke gets downvoted. Did you plan on downvotes? Did you you just sabotage your own comment?


Not really, but thanks for setting it straight, this Watergate.


I don’t see a single thing about that. Why do you think this was going to happen?


I believe OP is being willfully obtuse in a clumsy attempt at humor.

Also Beavis and Butt-Head did this joke 30 years ago.


I like ! for movies and TV shows