What color of light do you specifically associate with a particular context or activity and that you find conducive to same?

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I associate red light with relaxation and sleep, I'm talking like photo development room red.

Its interesting because orthodox color theory/chromatherapy seems to consider red as excitatory and stimulating but I feel the exact opposite altho there's a heavy influence of the brightness or wavelength magnitude or something.

Blue is traditionally seen as calming but I associate it more with wakefullness and alert-ness.

Its weird cuz I would find it stressful if the world outside was rendered as red like Mars or Venus or whatever but ironically I have a conflicting intuition that it would make me tired more than anything else 🤷🏻‍♂️

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rufus , edited

I think color theory is esoteric and at least subjective, if not completely made up. I occasionally see some red mood lights in peoples' homes on the window sills when I go out in the evening. I more or less associate that with 'red-light district' if it's more than one window. But I like it. Blue would be more a color a gamer or live-streamer uses to light their gamer's den. But it's also the color of the night and the endless sky or ocean. Also more blueish hue adds to concentration. I'm split on the whole topic. If I want to concentrate or get some work done, colorful light is too distracting. I need proper white light for that. Other than that I just choose what I feel in the moment. And I like amber.

ChihuahuaOfDoom , edited

Red just means night to me, I'm used to it as a nighttime color because of previous work on boats. I actually have red bulbs for my back porch lights because I'm an insomniac and I like to watch the stars but still want to be able to see enough to let my dog out.

I always felt that the psychological stuff that says what colors usually do to people is pretty accurate since it lines up with how those colors affect me. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Blue is calming and thought provoking.

Red is uncomfortable and makes me feel more aggressive.

Yellow also makes me uncomfortable, but in a fearful way.

Green just makes me feel like I'm in nature.


Somewhat similar, this might be a fun thread to ask if anyone has experienced Synesthesia:



conducive to same

I don't Same often, but when I do it's without music. I find that saming in silence helps me get the colours just right and I don't cut my myself on the ax.

(*the* same, you mean?)


I find yellow sleepy colour, red is unpleasant, and yeah, blue/green is active and invigorating.

cheese_greater [OP]

What about amber, or like sienna?

Björn Tantau

At least smartphones and PCs can dial down the blue content of their images for the evening. So you're not alone in that assessment.

Call me Lenny/Leni

I associate turquoise lights at night (has to be turquoise, not green or blue) with a feeling of peace beyond what I'm familiar with, like nostalgia but toward something not yet experienced.