What was your most embarrassing moment?

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Most recently? My wife was wfh and out of the kindness of my heart I brought her a coke. She was on a zoom call with her entire team. I was pantsless.



lennybird , edited

Reading Atlas Shrugged, liking it, and supporting Ron Paul.

Call me Lenny/Leni

You mean Ayn Rand?

lennybird , edited

Nah I actually meant to say Ron Paul but Rand was apparently on the mind lol.

Call me Lenny/Leni

Ron Paul and Rand Paul are like the Logan Paul and Jake Paul of politics when you think about it.

Those darn Pauls.


My friend and I had finished a long day at university and we were slowly walking towards the bus stop. We saw our bus but neither of us were willing to run so it left without us. We waited in line behind a dozen other students because this bus stop services 3 bus routes, the other two would take longer for us to get home so we never use them. We chatted and after a few minutes waiting I turn around and see the line behind us was over 30 people. A few minutes later our bus came and we patiently waited for the passengers to get off, we chatted some more. A couple minutes pass and the bus is empty but the line wasn't moving. Then we stood there as the bus with the front door open slowly drove pass with a confused driver staring out at a line of 50+ people waiting in the cold. I than realised we were the first in line for that bus and everyone was waiting for us. I whispered to my friend that I didn't care how long it would take but we are going to take the other bus home today.


Why would I share it here? I don't want to be embarrassed again.

Björn Tantau

Own it!


I once waved furiously to a car that was not my dad's. This was over 20 years ago and I still think about it.


I was on a bus with a friend and I started waving at the cars that were next to us. At one point a car drove past, the woman passenger turns to see me waving and she excitedly waves back. The bus speeds up so we lose her. My friend asks if I knew her and I said no. The bus than slows down and I avoid looking outside but I can sense her staring at me trying to figure out who I am. I no longer do this.

Björn Tantau , edited

A fly flew into my nose and dragged gallons of booger-slime out of my nose, with no handkerchief available for miles. I have illustrated it here:

Sorry, I'm too lazy to translate. You can read the full story on my blog.

The time I put on my pants the wrong way around and found out while standing in front of the whole class comes second. I think that was before Kris Kross.


I know just enough Deutsch to understand what’s happening in the first panel, but not enough to know what’s happening in the second without the provided context!

Nicely illustrated- gonna check out your blog for the full story. Vielen Dank!

ThatWeirdGuy1001 , edited

I was reading porn on my grandma's laptop cause I was bored at a holiday get together.

Laptop battery died but I'm old so I'm not used to laptops saving your data when powered off.

I plugged the laptop in and went about my day. 20 minutes later all I hear is "what are you doing looking at this kind of smut?"

Luckily I was halfway out the front door to go smoke when I heard it so I was able to play it off like I didn't.

Grandma doesn't hug me the same...


I've done a lot of self-forgiveness in recent years, so a lot of the simpler and sillier ones I don't think of as embarrassing anymore.

Could be the time I flipped a guy off after he cut me off and I missed a light. He saw me in his mirror and started freaking out and swerving, almost hit a curb.

I didn't mean to ruin his day. Just letting off steam.

Either that or the time I drove on the shoulder to avoid a car stopped in the middle of the road. When I merged back she had started to move and we collided. Totally my fault.

I only realized later that due to her age, location, and stickers on her car from a nearby Catholic University that I'd probably hit a nun.

Patapon Enjoyer

So I was in the theater watching Cars 2...


2nd hand embarrassment watching the last air bender movie.

Call me Lenny/Leni

How was it?


I'm a sober alcoholic. I probably don't remember it.


In my younger years I passed out in public 3 separate times, once it was just me and my mom outside a bank, which wasn't too bad, but the second time I was at an all-school assembly, and the third time I was at an Easter Sunday church service, and every time it was embarrassing as fuck.


I'm currently sitting in emerge waiting for my wife. About 2 hours ago they had to test her blood, and I was in the room... When I woke up there were like 5 people staring at me and the nurses were laughing


I guessed someone's age as 40 and she was 25. To be fair she talked about how she had worked for her company for a very long time, and she was sitting in the mostly dark outside. But that was terrible.


Me in High School, carrying a torch for a girl who was completely uninterested. We're skiing at Mount Bachelor, I missed the exit from the chairlift and they wouldn't let me jump down, so I ride the chairlift down. Of course girl I was carrying a torch for saw.


Fast forward about 45 years. Last weekend I was at Lynn Family Stadium with my wife, watching LouCity play. Just past the second half restart, I'm standing up from letting some people go down our row to their seats. I decide to put my drink can in the cup holder before sitting down all the way. I bend over and over balance. Go falling down over the row in front of us and the aisle beside us.

You can pick which is more embarrassing.


I'm sure it hasn't happened yet.


I told to my cousin "awww you are prégnant... Again." she said "No."


Waking up next to your mum... Again...