Who was your biggest role model growing up, and how did they influence your life choices?

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Being completely serious here, sailor moon and the sailor guardians. There's been so many times even in recent memory where I'll get an idea and I'll tell myself "well... the sailor scouts wouldn't think it's very nice to do that" (ex making negative comments toward someone else).

merari42 [OP]

I for one am as effective and useful as tuxedo mask

At this point in my life, fictional characters are some of the only role models that haven't turned out to be secretly awful people.


Amen to that.


To be quite honest, my own parents. They tried really hard to give me and my siblings a good life.


Probably my dad, he accepted me for who I was as a weird little kid, never pushed for conformity as far as I could tell. He got me grownup books to read when I was little because I read like a grownup. Got me spicy food, talked about economics, the Tao, the poems of Omar Khyam. My mom didn't talk down to me or anything but just didn't really connect because we were so different as people.

He died when I was a teenager, but I have mostly been able to do this for my kids, because it was modeled for me. You are who you are, you don't have to conform or do "normal" things in the usual order to fit in the world, you are part of the world. Doesn't mean it's always comfortable, but that's true for anybody.

Fushuan [he/him]

Im sorry for anyone not saying their parents, it's kind of their job.


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Rob T Firefly , edited

The person to whom you're responding appears to be saying the opposite of what you seem to have read.

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Oh whops I missed the "not", my bad. Thanks for noting it.


I had none and I’m sure it’s a big part of why I’m fucked up on some parts today. Having a role model is nice.


My parents, siblings, relatives and friends...


merari42 [OP]

Did he inspire you to support the gallant people of Afghanistan in their fight against a foreign opressor like he did in Rambo III?


I rebel whenever i can against the US's gripe on the world.

Specially when it comes to states and corporations trying to grab your money for everything.



Shannon Larratt. He strongly influenced my beliefs in individual bodily autonomy, and individual liberty (which dovetail nicely with Mikhail Bakunin). He led me to be a Satanist even though he was not one himself.


Charlie Barkin, and I sorta like watches now


My father was a great anti-role model.

I tried my hardest to not be like him and his shittiness.


Alexi laiho but I never became a rockstar you can probably tell