How many alts do you have on lemmy

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Personally I have three accounts. This is my main, but I have a reserve for stuff and one for my local region/language. What about you?

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One on LemmyNSFW and this one.


This, but add a account for when .world is down




Just the one account. But I don't really use it socially so the Internet strangers can look at all they want.

One when our instance is down.

Display name

*for when

But yeah, this is it.

Can confirm.


And this one.



Obviously a lie or Display name would have confirmed.


I've got one on World and one on DBZer0 for piracy stuff.


Used to have one on world but theres nothing on world I cant see from db0, and the reverse isn't true.


I moved from World to Lemmee, and couldn't be happier, if I was to have another account it would be in db0...

I used to have one in FMHY, but sadly it died.


I have a account i forgot the password to, does that count?

โ€œOh im just trying out instances Iโ€™ll remember, it doesnโ€™t NEED to go into my password managerโ€ -someone with adhd


Did you sign up with email?


Idr it was so long ago

I donโ€™t think so since I made this one first


One, because kbin is always down


Two, a main that I use 99% of the time and then another that's in a walled garden type instance that I occasionally want to post in.


I'm too lazy for more than this one.


None, I just doom scroll with that account


Just this one. It's enough.


Three including this one, but the other two were just created on other instances before I settled for one I actually liked. So they are more like dormant accounts I log into every other month or so, I don't actively use them.


None, why would I?

Schwim Dandy

No alts, just some orphaned accounts from moving to new instances.

Fushuan [he/him]

I did create one in the nsfw instance and it has the same username as this one, but it's not been used since it was created mostly, so just one.


0, but at some point I'll roll another and swap. Even Lemmy doesn't need to know that much about me :)


Here and dbzer0 lol


three, on three different instances. It's called redundancy.


It's also called redundancy.


This one on, and my original account with the same username on

When I first came over I made a Kbin account, which should still exist. Otherwise none.


Ha, you think *one* account can contain all this awesome?! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

It can. I don't have any alts.


I have a four, but most are from instances I've moved away from.

Started on Beehaw but when they started defederating from everyone I made a account.

Also created a personal instance, but it was too heavy for my NAS to be worth it.

Finally, an Mbin account recently because the communism stuff from the main developers seems to be pretty contentious right now and I want to explore alternatives while I'm still happy with Lemmy. If some "event" happens and I find the need to move somewhere else its good to have an alternative in the pocket


Just one. This is my local language and I've got better sources for *stuff*.


Started out with, then when they had major downtime, I started on kbin, but when I couldn't use that with my preffered lemmy app, I spun up which is now my main.

I started with just one on Lemmy.World, but then like a month after the Appocalypse when the server was being hammered and someone pointed out it could be lessened by simply using other instances, I made two more. This one on which became my main, and one on "shit just works," just in case.

I sometimes get on the Lemmy.World one for mod reasons, but I haven't actually ever used the shit just works one.


I was originally on But due to continuous technical problems with the instance I had to create this one. So 2.


2 but rarely use the other. It was mostly for when .world was down.


5 with 2 for moderation on different instances.


I created my original account on Then I found out about so I created a new on there. I try to keep them both synchronized in terms of subscriptions.

Two. My original account on and this one I opened on when I realized the community I wanted to start was off-topic for the other instance. I use both interchangeably, but this is my main.


Used to have two, one in beehaw and one on, but then drama happened and I decided to embrace the owo. So nowadays I just have this account and a secret other account for posting cringe.


This is my main, the other is for :3

Was originally on but made one on beehaw because it was overloaded, after a tankie ban on moved to, I also have an account on lemmynsfw for... stuff...


Just one. Technically, it's this one. My "main" account is my account, but it's so frequently having performance issues that I've been using this account almost exclusively for a while now.


Two, because broke my mfa somehow.


Exactly the same.


an accidental one I created and lost access to on another instance and this one. no alts. all authentic baby


I had an account on before it broke down but switched for good and wasn't active there for months


Do they have any plans to fix it?


I can barely manage just the one. I dont know how people can juggle multiple accounts. I would get so confused


I made an alt on each of the big instances, because I wasn't sure which one I wanted to use long term. Then I just kinda stuck with them, each following slightly different topics, and therefore having different opportunities to participate in discussions.

  1. This and I had one on lemmynsfw but donโ€™t recall the username ๐Ÿ˜†

guess you were really stoned when you created that account


Just this one, that I also host myself


One, technically. I never really use it, though.


I had one about a year ago on when had more downtime than uptime, but I haven't used it since.


3 that I remember: work computer, personal computer, and phone


I try to just keep one. I used to be on but the instance seems to have been taken over and unmaintained? So I joined and it feels comfy.


I have an account on,, and They are all linked on my respective profiles. I mainly use this one because .world had some issues where I couldn't view comments on the connect android app about a year ago so I just switched. I like the app interface because it reminds me of rifgp, so that's why I've never given kbin a fair shake.


1 rn at for estonian


I have 2 accounts. This account is my alt for when Kbin goes down. Been using it a lot lately, but Kbin is slowly starting to come back up now.

neidu2 , edited

Techically one. The only reason I am using this one instead is because I forgot the password for my other account, neidu, some time last year. Plus it was on an instance I grew fed up with.


6 don't ask why.

Call me Lenny/Leni

Just as encouraged by instance admins because they said moderation of ! would require multiple names to catch all the mod reports, but then the community moved locations to its present location to accommodate to certain people from the Southern hemisphere who would otherwise no longer be able to use it via whatever they have going on here instance-wise, so here I am stuck with an alt named after some guy from Command and Conquer.

stinerman [Ohio]