When was the last time you hugged the person you most want to give a hug to?

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Crackhappy [OP]

I'm going to comment on my own post, despite it being against the rules of propriety.

The last time I hugged the person I still want to hug the most was in 2010. Before she died.

It's not that I keep a torch lit for her, but that I want to tell her all the amazing things her kids are doing. And give her a hug.


Thatโ€™s rough buddy


A few minutes ago maybe. She's still asleep next to me.

Call me Lenny/Leni

I last hugged my parents years ago. One died in 2019 and the other passed away recently. I feel aimlessly empty thinking of all the missed opportunities and the fact I am like a bird without a warm perch now.

Captain Baka

Hugged my wife like 10 minutes ago when she was waking up.

Crackhappy [OP]

Keep a hold of that, and her.


Let her out occasionally for food and bathroom breaks.

Captain Baka

Will do o7

Yesterday, but I'll do it again as soon as she wakes up.


Yesterday. My mom came to visit.


Maybe 10 minutes ago.


Been almost a month, but I'll see her tomorrow night!

She's my ex, and we're still absolutely in love with each other and best friends to boot, we just have incompatibilities that make us impossible as a couple. I see her about once a month on average now. She moved 2 hours away.

Susaga , edited

You're not the only one whose bestie is their ex. Our entire relationship made a ton more sense when we started adding "bro" to the end of our "I love you"s.


Sounds... Unexpectedly wholesome...


Over 4 years ago :(


This morning :)


about two weeks ago


Last night.


It seems this person never existed, or died without telling me beforehand. Nobody's special.


There isn't any someone I want to be hugging.

It's a nonsensical concept.


you require sufficiently-related identity/ego underlying you, for that.

People who are too different, one cannot be close with, obviously

( extreme case is when prejudice is between people, but the underlying principle holds much more solidly than just-that-case )

I'm not putting this here for any "pity": I'm putting this here so that if there's any other person who's in the destroy-unconscious-ignorance-no-matter-the-cost kind of life, that they can see what happens, when one keeps going.

Eventually you reach a condition where collaboration with others still is entirely possible, but "belonging" has become gone.

Keep going: they integrity one can earn, the conquering of one's own unconscious-mind, it *is* worth it.

Some might relate it to being a time-traveler: one'll *never* fit-in, in the people one lives among, but it is itself, not any fiction thing.

Cracking one's unconscious is sooo far outside what "acceptable people" do, that .. if you go far enough, then you .. are just too different.

Divergeance is fine, though, so long as living is fine.

_ /\ _


I choose this person as the recipient of my hug. I got you bro


Sheldon wrote this.