Self-hosted YouTube frontend with some additional features

submitted by pezhore

I've been running Viewtube in my homelab for my family after the actual YouTube started misbehaving. Was it because I use Firefox? DNS adblock? Unlock origin? Who knows!

I absolutely love that with Viewtube I can make the front page only my subscriptions. It seems to be relatively low on resource usage as well.

But lately, the lack of features is starting to get to me - namely closed captions and "Add to queue".

Are there any other self hosted options that are more feature rich in this regard?

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Glad you enjoy the only subscriptions view! I would love to work on the playlist feature to add likes, dislikes, watch later but i'm already struggling to have time to work on the watch history already. I'm currently using Freetube with my own Invidious instance which works great imo.

pezhore [OP]

Oh snap, are you the developer of Viewtube? If so, first off - great job. I do the infrastructure side of IT for my day job but aside from some basic go, I couldn't code something like this to save my life.

I wish I had the chops to contribute to the project.


I'm only a contributor who mainly improved the homepage. You are still helping the project by using it and giving the creator and contributors feedback!






Tube Archivist perhaps?


Is that also a nice UI for watching? I thought it was only convenient for the downloading part


Yeah it has a simple UI for watching as well. It's really an all-in-one solution.


My main prob with viewtube has been its flakey resolution auto or manual selection. The UI with it is weird and i basicially have to randomly click unclick autoselect , and switch between resolutions before it somehow lands on 1080 . Might be my browser and OS combo - macOS librewolf. Hosted on kde locally. Otherwise love it. But I dont use much other than search and watch. I use metube if I want to keep anything.


This should be fixed soon(tm) by the new player being worked on here:


Great to hear! I’ve perservered despite this as it’s great for me in all other respects.


I haven't tried this, but a combo of

YTDLP subscribed to a playlist of your choice, downloading to a directory which you can mount to Jellyfin and make a library should work.

Both Piped and Invidious have CC, but unfortunately no queue support.


Are any of these solutions able to be used via an AppleTV?


Piped and invidious do, via Yattee


Thanks, will take a look.