What are some good sketch comedy shows?

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One of my favorite genres, always looking for more. Bonus points if it's currently on streaming.

I've watched the absolute hell out of That Mitchell and Webb Look, Kids in the Hall, Whitest Kids U Know, and obviously SNL and MadTV but both of those had a lot of ups and downs.

I saw the one season each that Astronomy Club and The Moth Effect had and they were both pretty good. I've seen *some* A Bit of Fry and Laurie, but can't find a good place to stream it. TripTank was basically a sketch show with cartoons, and I liked that a lot too.

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Mr Show


I think you should leave

Apeman42 [OP]

I forgot about Mr Show.

They also did a brief revival on Netflix a few years ago, "w/Bob & David". I think it kept the spirit pretty well.


Yeah they did it was pretty decent


Chappelle Show

Tracey Ullman show

Monty Python

Robot Chicken



The Idiot Box

Upright Citizens Brigade

Ernie Kovacs Show

Ben Stiller Show

The State

In Living Color


These are all good, but thank you for including The State! So hilarious.


That’s what I was looking for too! So many great actors started there. MTV totally screwed them by cancelling and shelving it while it was still killer.


Beginning of the end for MTV?

disguy_ovahea , edited

It sure felt like it. They went all in on The Real World and killed creativity.

The State! was on around the same time as Liquid TV. Remember that? I loved it. The Maxx, Aeon Flux, Spawn, and The Head were ALL so damn good.


Hell yeah! Incredible shows. Certainly had a crush on Aeon Flux and The Head kinda freaked me out, but in a good way. The Maxx was a sweetheart, really. Definitely miss that kind of programming.


Key and Peele. It's on Pluto.

Apeman42 [OP]

Also fantastic, can't believe I forgot to include this one. Not only are they hilarious, but it's fun to rewatch them knowing Jordan Peele would go on to start making a name in horror. You can see the roots of that in a lot of their sketches.


I definitely get the "Jordan Peele horror" vibe off some of those sketches.


I think you should leave, on Netflix.

Apeman42 [OP]

I need to give this one another look. I watched a few episodes a while back, and it wasn't *bad*, but it was *weird*. It felt kind of like watching interdimensional cable from Rick & Morty.


It's definitely not for everyone. My wife and I have a lot of overlap in our comedy preferences and are both big fans of SNL and everything Mitchell & Webb have done. On the other hand, I Think You Should Leave is my all-time favorite sketch show, but she couldn't even get through the first season. It's got a real sense of absurdism and weird social interactions that aren't for all tastes.

Don't feel bad if you can't get into it - there's tons of great TV out there. No need to waste your life on one show just in case you don't like it. If you weren't into the first few episodes you probably won't like the rest as it's all the same style.


Definitely give it another shot. It's my favorite comedy show of all time. I don't always fully appreciate them on the first watch though.


It's very much in the same vein as "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job", which you should also check out if you haven't already. Another great sketch show

SanguinePar , edited

If you like Mitchell and Webb, you might also enjoy Big Train, British sketch show from the 90s with Simon Pegg among others.


And Jam! Bit weirder, though


Oh god, yes, Jam. So dark. So, so dark.



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  • In Living Color
  • Roundhouse
  • All That
  • Monty Python
  • I Think You Should Leave (only one that's current)

Lots of good mentions here, but I'm not seeing my fav, Smack the Pony


+1 for smack the pony


One I'm not seeing on here is The Birthday Boys, which had Bob Odenkirk with a bunch of (if I remember correctly) young UCB comedians. If you've ever seen the show Love or listened to the Doughboys podcast, it has Mike Mitchell from those.


Aunty donna on netflix and youtube

more youtube ones: - crackermilk - almost friday tv - wizards with guns - cherdleys - sven johnson


If you haven’t seen the Catherine Tate Show that’s worth checking out as well.


In living color. Early Jim Carey.

wabafee , edited

Any government senate sessions, I especially like the UK Parliament session. /s


Sorry, I've Got No Head - a kids show, but has a lot of familiar faces (if you watch British comedy).

Witchfinder sketch


No mentions of the kids in the hall? Quintessential Canadian humor. SCTV if you really want to go back.