What do you think the future you five years from now would say to the you from five years ago about your present you?

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"Everything happened exactly like you thought it would. Just like always..."

Crackhappy [OP]

That is a very interesting response. It sounds like the opening line to an interesting novel.


I've always had an uncanny ability to predict future events.

I'm not saying I've got special powers and can see into the future I'm just really good at noticing patterns and gaining conclusions from those patterns.

And humans are *very* predictable.


"Please exercise more and get in shape".

hperrin , edited

Spend as much time with your friends as you can. They may not always be there. It’s hard when they go, but you’ll get through it.

(If I’m allowed to change the future, I’d tell myself exactly which friend died, when, and how.)


He got the cancer screening in time, but you might want to get it earlier.

Crackhappy [OP]

Plot twist in one sentence. Nice. Also, how are you doing?


Recovering pretty well. I'm beginning to take the next steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.


Five years ago, I was in the middle of a pretty big change, so it would have been a well timed message.

"Things are going to get rough, but it'll all work out. You made the right choice."

Björn Tantau

"You are not lazy, you have CFS/ME. Half the people won't believe you and the other half won't care."


Hold it together man


Things will get better. It's absolutely worth it in the end. Do your best and have fun.


Party hearty. Humans will be extinct by 2030.

Vanth , edited

Deleted by author

Crackhappy [OP]

There's nothing like lying to yourself through time.


"It was worse than you imagined."


And this is why you never have drunken sex with your crush.