Is there a website to see where US tax dollars are going at a state, county, district, and federal level?

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I would love to see a visual representation of where US tax dollars are going based on address. Especially if it has pretty charts.

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Just did a quick search, "interactive chart of us state and federal budgets".

Found this government site for federal budgets:

For instance, here's a page with charts for the 2023 federal budget:

I would hope similar sites exist for most, if not all, of the states.


I'm not saying you're wrong for posting this, but, I would be willing to bet that if these sites were well known enough by the general public, there would be a news expose on how those aren't the real numbers. Those are SUPPOSED to be the real numbers, but if you could actually follow where the money goes, it goes into politicians pockets.

I can't prove any of this, and neither can you, but if you're older than 30, you can remember all the various times local and state governments take money meant for one thing, and instead bought a 3rd house. Usually investigated by the feds.


I somehow don't think we'll find a site that breaks down every purchase the government has made, let alone one that specifically detects and highlights corruption.

So I guess the official budgets are the best I can do to helpfully answer the question. Sorry.

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80%: gun running

15%: Insurance programs

4%: Subsidies for Elon Musk

1%: Sandwiches from Così that aren’t even good