What's something you want to tell us lemmy users ?

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If you've ever said "cowabunga dude" unironically, it's high time to schedule that prostate check.

From "cowabunga, dude" to "ow, my bung-hole, dude!"


ur cute



Admiral Patrick

Considering a lot of us are here from the Rexodus and have cake days coming up (or recently passed): Happy cake day.


There was a general cake day thread recently on !casualconversation@lemm.ee


Thanks, you too

x4740N [OP]

What should we call cake day on lemmy?, should we leave it alone or change it to be something more reflective of lemmy

Admiral Patrick

I'm content leaving it be. It rolls off the tongue and has the right meaning. I'm also not feeling creative enough at the moment to propose an alternative lol


I really like you guys ❤️

I'm learning rust and going to contribute one day.


The weather outside is nice, go enjoy it


The weather is not nice today, but I wish it was. Had to run through 98f yesterday with my baby to pick up some lunch and did not enjoy it


Never take laxatives and sleeping pills at the same time.


Similar vein, don't wash down your sleeping pills with like 4-5 glasses of water


I know the world is rough but they to have a good day.


Gutenberg was a grifter. He stole money from people, sometime his own family, and ran up debts that he couldn't pay.

The only reason that he started printing bibles and became religious was because he was going to be thrown in prison for swindling people out of money, and it's a bad look to throw someone in prison who prints the word of God. In fact, most of what we know about Gutenberg comes from his court documents.

Also movable type and the printing press were already known in Europe and had already been invented in East Asia several hundred years earlier than Gutenberg. (the first printed texts date back to 700 CE and movable type prints around 1000 CE, both in modern China). It was nothing new.

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Patapon Enjoyer

While we're at it let me get something off my chest

Mitochondria is plural. One powerhouse of the cell is a mitochondrion. Bacteria is also the plural of bacterium.

Does this matter? Not really.

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Data used to be generally used as the plural of datum before it became generally used as a mass noun.

Patapon Enjoyer

Also medium --> media


Ooooh, I never even thought about that one!


It matters a little to me and I didn't know that 'mitochondria' is plural. So thanks.


I had a prof describe the nucleus as "the power house of cell function" and the confusion that statement caused was fucking palpable lol.


Midichlorians are the forcehouse of the cell.

Call me Lenny/Leni

It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop.




how do you know...? with details please. asking for a friend.

(/s btw)






the main lemmy developers are evil people, and they also admin the lemmy.ml instance. Stay away. other lemmy instances are admired well enough, but look for a mbin instance just to give the lemmy devs less power.


That’s the great part about the fediverse. We’re not bound to a specific app. I like Mbin myself.


BUT they do share their software with everyone entirely for free so there's that...:-)


Damn commies should be rich as Crassus by now!


That's a big claim. Do you have evidence?


https://lemmy.world/post/16211417 has some good discussion including evidence. You can normally see evidenc looking at moderation logs as well


This is why I chose mbin.


Is there a good/decent android app? I'm game to give things a try particularly because fuck lemmygrad jr (lemmy.ml)


Rock on, thanks!


What's the key difference with Kbin?


Community development rather than just one guy - Mbin is a community fork of Kbin, made when he refused to share privileges and people got tired of the code always being so far behind.


the kbin developer hasn't done anything in months (some form of personal issues), and his instance has been offline all week. mbin is actually developed.


Got it. Yeah I went to take a peek and it looks like it's more of a community effort. That's good.


What makes them "evil"?


I see that there is a lot of posts removed due to breaking Rule 1, but I can't see what community you posted to to check what rule they claimed you violated.

Please tell me what community you posted in so I can look at the rules and form an unbiased oppinion.

I did find other posts about how lemmy.world admins are terrible, but so far I have only seen anecdotes either way, and untill there are proven trends that tells me otherwise, I will refrain from bashing either side.


Supposedly the modlog is being altered to remove the rejection reasons so that the posts are removed, but via database alterations rather than the traditional process, so a very serious accusation of deceptive admin practices. Someone would need to be running their own instance to see this, and get to the modlog quickly enough, and take screenshots both before and after the event - which reportedly has happened, as described in the comments section of that post.

Separately, regardless of whether the modlog itself is being abused, those admins are reportedly also banning people from communities that they have never commented in, for comments made in other communities. That is a lot easier to see happening, bc the record is retained in that case. And tbh that might even be understandable for reasons of spam or promoting violence or some such, but for merely disagreeing with the statement it is a rather *extreme* response that represents an abuse of admin power.

Those admins write the Lemmy code - they are worthy of respect for that no matter what. However, they are losing trust in their ability to administer an instance in anything close to a fair manner (vaguely similar to Ernst and Kbin).

I realize that it's a *lot* of comments, and it is now spreading to be discussed in multiple posts - e.g. our comments here as well as the linked one - but the screenshots are available if you want to view them. Or indeed, look at the raw modlogs themselves, for the second but not the first issue. You don't need the community name btw, just OP's name and the instance (Lemmy.ml) should be sufficient, here this will get you started: https://lemmy.ml/modlog?page=1&actionType=All&userId=2502607.


Check the mod log yourself. I don't know how to link it, but it doesn't take long to find an on topic comment with a 'right wing' slant removed in my experience. If right wing comments break rule 1 then I don't want to be a part of anyplace with rule 1.


Currently, lemmyverse.net doesn't appear to be indexing mbin servers, which is a drawback for finding communities on them. It isn't indexing all kbin servers, either, and the kbin results are only available via the hamburger menu, not mixed in with the lemmy results.


Mbin is not lemmy. It interoperates with lemmy but is otherwise different. Thus they strictly should not. Though you can make an arguement they should, it is the decision of the site owners and so while I think they should index mbin I won't fault them for not.

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Mbin is not lemmy.

No, but how many users out specifically want results from one instance type? I can imagine that *someone* might, but I'm pretty sure that virtually everyone is agnostic.

I don't think that the lemmyverse.net guys are *opposed* to it. They did put in kbin support (though it seems to be partly broken ATM). I just think that it hasn't been updated. And that makes it hard for mbin communities to get visibility.

x4740N [OP]

Has anyone forked lemmy yet and if so have instances switched over ?


Stop with the echo chamber. Dissenting views aren't trolls by default.

Two things:

  1. I have taken over !eldenring@lemmy.world from the squatter who had created it because I anticipate some action once the DLC comes out and the only other ER community is on .ML.

  2. When I made and deleted a post after just a few seconds to add my primary account as a moderator (since you can only do that with users who have posted in the community) it got down voted twice in less than a minute, which makes it feel like someone is following me *just* to downvote me. Just wanted to say hi to my stalker.


Number 2 is bots maybe?


You're fairly visible with the way your username is (I see you in lots of different communities myself, this may not even be the first time I've spoken to you lol) and while it doesn't matter to me or probably ≥99% of posters/commenters here it also appears you're a furry judging from instance

It's unfortunate, but that's all it takes to get a few losers with too much time to creep and downvote

Also: I look forward to the ER content friendo, I'll be subscribing momentarily


You shouldn't rob a bank without a plan. You shouldn't use your tongue to stop a fan.

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Erh... yes... ehm... fine weather today, right?

*I awkardly gaze to the ground while I wait for the elevator to arrive at the right floor.*

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Linux will never be a home operating system for most people. It will not even come close to windows or Mac. It is not user friendly, it is not supported by the VAST majority of home use software and it has too many distros. No one wants to get with an OS when the first question is which version. The learning curve is too steep and when stuff goes wrong it is way harder to find and solve.

It's nice that yall like it but the amount of forceful shoving of Linux on lemmy is hysterical knowing how no one listens.


The discussions on Lemmy were exactly what made me try out Linux, and now I'm an avid Linux'er. +1 for Linux.


There's no harm in telling people about Linux though. The majority of people who can figure out the fediverse probably have the requisite technical skills to figure out Linux. Yeah I agree it'll never be a home OS for most people, but also many homes don't even have a PC at all anymore.

x4740N [OP]

The problem is when people get militant and / or hostile about it


This, today PC means laptop, that's what almost everyone who has a PC uses, most people do with just a tablet though. 95% of the garbage people use the internet for can be done on a mid range smart phone. The people who need high powered desktop devices or use them for entertainment are already a minority in the market for computing devices. The largest chunk of OS marketshare is decided by business purchases, not individual PC owners.

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So what you're saying is, most people already run Linux (or BSD) on their main computing device.


The most sold computing device on the planet are Android smartphones. Android is a flavor of Linux.


That's what I was trying to say.

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There is a large difference between telling someone and then getting mass downvoting anyone who dares oppose Linux while throwing a hissyfit and claiming that Linux is the greatest thing since oxygen. Lemmy is on the latter, not the former.



31 flavors and you choose to be salty...


Hey. Blame OP. They asked. I wouldn't have said shit otherwise


I know, Tom.



but... our Lord and Savior... Linus... Torvalds. Seriously though- I love Linux, but I also have a lot of free time to tinker and play with an OS. I understand some people don't care about that.


Agreed, I don’t get the argument for using Linux beyond vague “windows bad” hand waving. Frankly, having to use computers probably every hour of my waking life for work and entertainment, I find nothing wrong with windows, or Mac OS. Or iOS or iPad OS beyond just the idiosyncratic annoyances each OS brings to the table. Is there any tangible reason Linux is superior to all the other OSs out there beyond it being open source? Also how is being open spurce objectively a benefit?

cRazi_man , edited

Privacy/no data mining is (frankly) a huge deal and a major problem in modern society is that this is not valued at all. To me, this is really analogous to the climate crisis in the sense that we've known about the impending climate crisis for decades and no one valued it till we got to the point of no return/crisis point. I really cannot emphasise enough what a big deal it is to value your data/information/privacy.

Other than that, Linux really is a functional OS and there will be other benefits like multiple desktop styles to choose from, the possibility to do more advanced things if you need to (if learn how), the OS is virus-free, better performance (because the computer doesn't need to work so hard on your OS and can spend that energy on other things), giving life to old hardware that Windows no longer supports (and saving your money as well as the planet from thr e-waste), the importance of an alternative choice so the market is not monopolised by predator corporate giants. There will be loads more benefits, but those are a few to begin with.

It also has downsides (as mentioned above).


Doesn't it use less system resources?

When Windows 10 isn't supported anymore, better to use Linux than have an unsecure computer or buy a new computer.


For me windows uses 3-5gb of ram on idle just after starting up. This is pretty consistent across multiple computers for me. On the same computers (I dual-boot on both my laptop and desktop) Linux idles at about 800mb-1.2gb. This was even true on KDE which was one of the "heavier" feature-rich desktop environments. I think Gnome might have been 1.5gb ish but I haven't used in a while. Either way, it used way less RAM than my windows installs which could noticeably impact some resource intensive programs like blender or davinci resolve


My recent unpopular opinion post on this topic was controversial


x4740N [OP] , edited

My post (on my other lemmy account before I switched this one to my main) sharing a video by a youtuber that said some open source software was badly designed in terms of UI and how it could be improved received so much hostility that I got fed up and ended up deleting it

It wasn't even a negative video, my post wasn't even negative

What was the point of sharing it if people just react hostile towards it even though you shared it in good faith

The bad design with some open source software is why I don't use some of them and why I haven't installed Linux as a dual boot operating system yet

I use blender and krita because they have good designs with the gui and its catered towards the user using the software in this case creatives

Gimp however and other badly designed open source software don't cater GUI towards the user demographics that would be using them


As someone with decision paralysis and executive dysfunction issues, this is true for me. I'm probably more than capable of using it for a daily driver but there are 5000 flavors and I will likely never be able to make a solid choice until one is obviously vastly superior in some way I need.


Just use Ubuntu. It just works.

That's what I use if I want to just get things done.


Lemmy taught me I'll go to Linux Hell for using Ubuntu.


Nah. There's a lot of nerds on here. They are over overrepresented. Normal folks and older users who don't have time to fuck around use Ubuntu.


Why recommend Gnome as a windows alternative? Surely KDE is a much better option if you're trying to make a windows user feel more familiar with the interface.


I'm a KDE user right now. While I love KDE, I find that it breaks way too easily when you customize it. And there's way,*way* too many customization options to a point that it becomes overwhelming. I can waste hours trying to customize something, roll back, break KDE, reset my KDE environment, try again, etc. And between KDE users, the desktop will almost never be the same which can lead to issues when they ask for support from a friend or something.

In gnome, what you see is what you get. You can just focus on your work or your activity. And because there's less customisation options, you get pretty much the same desktop experience across multiple users. So if I go to a friend's place and they also it Ubuntu with Gnome, I'm almost certain to have the same desktop experience as mine


My Ubuntu on a SBC for a workshop just killed itself on Monday. Had it for a few months, new SBC, fresh Ubuntu install, 0 customization, just using it occasionally for Chromium. It popped up a new version -Minotaur or something- was out, so I said sure upgrade. It gave an error for bash near the end, then bricked itself. Now i gotta dig out SD cards and find a new distro.

Fuck Ubuntu. Ends in misery every single time.

And no I don't want any recommendations.


Well that's like a single anecdotal experience out of hundreds of thousands who had no problem. And it's more probable to run into problems when using non-LTS versions.



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TIL you can't read. I said *most people*. Not everyone.


You are wrong. The reason that linux isn't popularvis that windows comes preinstalled in computers and most people don't know how to install an operating system pet along what an operating system is. Linux is dead easy nowadays, ao.much that my tech illiterate parents can use it, spread misinformation elsewhere


not supported by the VAST majority of home use software

Just want to say most people only need a browser, and it's only going to continue on that path. That's why ChromeOS works.


To lump my own personal bitch onto this: liking a thing and bringing it up regardless of conversation or context isn't a personality


I’ve seen more criticism of Lemmy’s Linux Problem, than I actually have seen LLP in action


Please, make more cat-related community!

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Fuck you for some reason. That is all.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

x4740N [OP]

No thanks


Learn what nuance is.


I agree 100%!

Well... maybe 70%.

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Love it! Well… maybe just- like it a lot.


Hope your having a good day or night wherever you are.


If tripping has turned ugly for you, but you love the potential of psychedelics, then you should seriously consider doing some kind of shamanic ceremony, instead of your next random death-metal-concert-on-shrooms-in-a-strange-city or whatever your usual pattern is.

Set and setting really matter a lot, and ceremony has culturally evolved as a very healthy and productive setting.


we're all in this together


You guys and gals a pretty cool! Ok, a lot react way too hard at stuff (I've done it a bit too, check my comment history). But overall, a reasonable online space.

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Nuclear power plants won't help solve the climate crisis.

They take too long to build.
While the risk of a catastrophic failure is very low, its effects are so bad they can't be included in any sensible risk assessment.
They prolong the dependence on energy companies that are too big to fail and can therefore blackmail the government.
They depend on enormous amounts of water for cooling, at a time when rivers frequently get too warm for that due to climate change.
They run on a non-renewable fuel source that is imported from politically instable countries.
And when you include the cost of building them, insuring them, dismantling them and dealing with their waste, they're simply not economical.
The only way to run them is with massive subsidies and unconditional securities from the state. I.e. tax money being funnelled to big corporations.

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How long from "design concept" till enough are tested, certified and built to help combat climate change? We have about 20 years left to transform our energy sector if you're optimistic. Building one with the old proven design takes about 15 years.

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But there are solutions that simply require building more small units of something that's been built in large numbers for the past decade.

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Building one with the old proven design takes about 15 years.

Source? I'd say the median is closer to 8, 15 years is more like the worst 5-15% percentile.


nuclear power plants are way too vulnerable and dangerous of a terrorist target.

Thorry84 , edited

Wtf are you talking about? Nuclear power facilities are freaking huge and have top notch security. You ain't getting anywhere near any place you could ever do any damage. And since everybody who's supposed to be there needs clearance, it's easy to have strict security protocols in place. Anybody who isn't supposed to be there or takes anything in or out they aren't supposed to is identified easily and taken care of.

Any nuclear facility is more worried about espionage than any kind of attack. Even if you are able to bomb a part of it, worst case it will be shutdown for repairs for a while and maybe kill a dozen or so people who are near the bomb as it goes off. Something like a crowded square in a city centre is a much easier target for terrorism and probably has more impact in the causing fear department than bombing some energy facility.

So no, denying nuclear power based on fear of terrorism isn't only unfounded, it's also exactly what the terrorists want. Fuck them guys, don't give in to fear.

And in case you don't know: a nuclear power plant is not a nuclear bomb, it can't become a nuclear bomb and it doesn't contain any materials to create a nuclear bomb. Just because they both contain the word nuclear and work on a fission principle, doesn't mean they are the same thing.

(I blame the recent Chernobyl series for fueling the fear of nuclear once again. You should know that whilst it is a good series, it is not a documentary and they dropped the ball hard on all the science parts)


These all are valid points. From the technological point of view nuclear technology is pretty safe and the margin of error is rather low. There are many redundant fail-save measurements to retain a save operation. But *if* something will happen, it will be devestating. Most famous incident is Chernobyl. Also, nuclear waste management is a huge issue. Not many (if any) locations for waste storage have the capability for eternal storage. The Asse II mine for instance is a former salt mine which has been re-purposed as a deep geological repository. It was supposed to last alt least several thousand years. After only 30 years of usage it has been detected that water seeps into the vault which leads to corrosion of the barrels filled with nuclear waste which already resulted in a release of radioactive elements. This is how the barrels were handled and stored. I am no expert but thirty years into almost eternity is a pretty bad figure.

And there is another thing - and in my opinion this is a really serious one: Nucular power plants are operated by corporations within the private sector. This means that such a power plant is conducted with an economical focus (= profit). The incentive to make profit will result in skipping maintenance, bribing inspectors and downplaying any technical difficulties. Even when assumed that all the other issues (waste management etc.) are solved, every technical malfunction that resulted in the leakage of radioactive material woult be not be made public voluntarily. There were many incidents that have been made public, *because the law required them to do so.*. The hidden number of incidents that were not required to be made public is probably much higher.




Yes military targets, as are most energy production facilities. Any part of critical infrastructure is a prime military target. Just ask the people of Taiwan.

This has nothing to do with terrorism and certainly isn't a reason not to build them. Whatever replacement you have for them, would then become the target. This is common sense.

I would also say that being energy independent is a deterrent to all out war, as it removes leverage one party may have over another. With a balanced field of power, total war becomes less likely.

Also by the time Western Europe / Mainland US is under military assault and our allies can't protect our critical infrastructure, we have much bigger concerns.


hehehe, plane goes boom


Honestly if the UK can spend a couple of decades with half a hiroshimas worth of high explosives sitting unguarded within sight of London I think a nuclear facility with actual security will be fine.

x4740N [OP]

This highlights issues with using capitalism and some human mindsets


That link led me to a thread on /generaldiscussion where a user posted about how they want their teacher to dominate them sexually.

We really need to figure out a canonical way of linking to content in the fediverse.


I think that was the intent. OP is also the OP of that thread lmao. Maybe he also just wants us to know?


Oh shit. I assumed it wasn't working properly since I've seen too many examples of linking not working


I've never seen a problem with links not going to the right post.

But there is a problem that you can create a link to a community that will be visible via a user's home instance. Here's an example:


Any user, no matter where, will get hyperlinked to a "local" view of that community via their own instance.

But there's no analogous syntax to create compatible links for *posts*. If you just slap an URL in, it links directly to the view of the post on the instance that was linked to.

I know that it's *possible* to do this mechanically, because the Firefox "Instance Assistant for Lemmy & Kbin" addon adds a button in the sidebar of posts on remote instances to "view this post on your home instance", and it works. But there's no native syntax in lemmy or kbin to generate a link for someone else's client to do that.


But there's no analogous syntax to create compatible links for *posts*. If you just slap an URL in, it links directly to the view of the post on the instance that was linked to.

Yeah that's my problem. Compounded with the fact that the instance will try to load its own version of the link which may end up somewhere completely different. There's a decent chance it's an issue with Jerboa as well on my end. I think the only reason it actually worked here was because the weirdo I was responding to is on the same instance as me.


Be-bop-a-lula, I don't mean maybe... seriously.


The no poop anniversary is coming up!


GrapheneOS is more private and secure than iOS.



Remember that veganism is an ethical way of living affordable and available to everyone*. Eating and using animal products is a choice, therefore killing and abusing animals is a choice. Stop abusing immigrants to butcher animals for your taste buds, thanks. Stop falling for obvious propaganda and cheap lies by the agricultural industrial complex, thanks. This is still a message of love despite the fact that this makes you feel dissonance in yourself, you're human, we get it. Do your best, actually try, the world needs us to be kind to animals and nature.

*as far as is possible and practicable.

Color 🎨

Dr Pepper is the best soft drink!