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Misogynist? Genius?


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Flummoxed [OP] , edited

Yes, line from song but if any one actually has a take on Cassavetes, I am very interested to hear it.

Definitely alcoholic and misogynist.

Messiah or genius of independent film? Not sure myself.


Looks like the haters have been through here.

I only read the one - forget the actual title. Still not settled on the art vs artist debate, though I tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater as a default.

Flummoxed [OP] , edited

Appreciate that perspective: it really does boil down to art vs. artist. I tend to err toward keeping the bathwater and throwing the baby out.

The artist can be speratated from the work and the work can be appreciated without understanding the author's intent.

But is there a line where the artist overshadows the art? Is that based on our personal morals?

Edit: I know my adjectives vs. adverbs, really!


I dunno about morals, but yeah - as a huge Cosby fan years ago, I just can’t even do the routines in my head anymore because of his rapes. Much less listen to them. I imagine after he dies and a few decades go by people might be more open to them, which, is maybe okay considering they’re kind of foundational to standup comedy.

Woody Allen movies are easier for me to eschew just because I’m not really that much of a movie person.

It’s an interesting question. Or conundrum, perhaps.

Flummoxed [OP]

Yeah, I do have trouble sometimes when it comes to those accused of sexual crimes... Cosby is especially difficult because he portrayed himself as a role model to such a degree. Can't really do Allen, either, but he was never my type of filmmaker. They both just come off as hideous hypocrites and gross in their products now. I can't even bring myself to call their doings art anymore, really. But they made themselves the center of the work in many cases, so it is more difficult to ignore than what some rock bands have gotten up to. I know Page and Plant did some fucked up things, and thus I dislike them, but I can't not listen to the music they created. It's too fundamental to me.