What is your favourite type of pizza? 🍕

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Personally, I'm partial to a thin crust cheese pizza folded and dipped into either hot sauce or ranch. But I also enjoy modest amounts of meat, greens and pineapple.

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I love pizza of all shapes sizes and toppings, but if you want to know my favorite “you can only have this from now on” pizza, imma be a basic assed NY style pepperoni pizza bitch…


Facts. A pepperoni slice is what I judge a pizza place by. If you can't get that right, I don't care what crazy ingredients you shoved on the rest of your pies.


I do the same thing at diners but with a hot roast beef sandwich. Did you toast the bread? Is the gravy creamy and delicious? Is the roast beef heated on the griddle before serving? It's the brown M&Ms of diner food.


It's the platonic ideal of pizza.


You could even say it’s…iconic 🍕


Dripping so much grease you have to fold it in half and tilt it to let the extra artery clogging goodness drip down because what else are you going to dip the garlic knots in?


Detroit style!


My favorite type of pizza is "nearby and warm," though I'll happily settle for "nearby"


Personally I'm partial to free pizza.

Dr. Wesker

Thin crust, floppy, cheese pizza. Fold it, mash it into my face hole.


Just stuff the whole thing in a blender, mix for 30 seconds and drink it.

Toes♀ [OP]



The best pizza place near me does a goat's cheese, balsamic onion, and rocket one that's absolutely stellar. To be honest though I'm not super fussy about toppings, I like this pizzeria more because whatever you order, they use good ingredients and cook it perfectly


I am indifferent about rocket on my pizza!


What the fuck is rocket?


Assuming this is a serious question and not just continuing the joke in the other replies, it's the plant that North American varieties of English call arugula. Both names derive from the Latin eruca, they just took different paths to get to the different varieties of English


I love rocket on my pizza!


I hate rocket on my pizza!


Olives, sundried tomatoes and italian sausage.


Detroit style. The crispy corner pieces!


Olives, capers and anchovies


Served on a slab of rock salt


Yeah it sounds like you need a couple pitchers of beer to make it through that one.


That's a benefit as well, yeah.


Medium crust, Hawaiian. Extra onions




Hawaiian with jalapeño and red pepper flakes


For me personally, pepperoni better nails the sweet/spicy/savory trifecta a little better than ham, but it's very much in the same ballpark.


I like a good buffalo chicken pizza with red onions, slathered in blue cheese


Caramelized onions, thinly sliced potato, fontina cheese (no tomato, mozz, etc.). I made it among other pizzas for Thanksgiving one year and it was the best by leaps and bounds.


A simple NY style slice with extra cheese. Maybe some Buffalo sauce to dip in if I'm feeling fancy

HipsterTenZero , edited

margherita pizza, followed by trashy pizza.

ccunning , edited

trashy pizza

I’m going to assume you didn’t mean *this* trashy but I stand by a Totino’s Party Pizza cooked on a Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven being epically underrated trashy pizza option.


i only draw the line at microwaved pizza, I'd absolutely demolish that.


I've been obsessed with prosciutto, asparagus and onion lately but I made an onion, fennel and Italian sausage the other day that was really nice.


My favorite is Kalamata olives and pepperoni, but your post reminded me that fennel and sausage is easily a close second - did not expect to like that flavor combination at all (really just not a fennel fan). Everyone should try it if they get the chance!


Italian sausage has a ton of fennel in it already.


Woah really? I love learning such simple facts - thank you!


Definitely Chicago style, even if I can only eat it one time a year without my heart destroying itself it's still my favorite


Thin crust with extra pineapple and nothing else. 😜

No, but seriously, my favorite are the thin-ish crust ones my wife makes with fresh dough, with regular sauce, mushrooms, and olives on it.


Back in the day (haven't tried it in over a decade), pizza hut made really good deep dish pineapple pizzas. The crust was crunchy and just shy of being too greasy and I loved it. But I also love pineapple, so.


I joked about pineapple on pizza before. But honestly, I don't really mind it. Even without ham, a *little bit* of pineapple tastes okay to me.


Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza).
The dough is so thin, you roll it up to eat it.


If non-Italian pizza are game then I wanna add alsacian Flammkuchen/Tarte Flambée


Cheese with both hot sauce and ranch, or black olive and pineapple. It's great because no one ever wants to steal any of my pizza.

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Pineapple pepperoni on a white slice

I will defend this hill with my life


I like a Calzone.


Thin crust Italian style pizza, topped with tomato sauce, walnuts, thinly sliced Italian ham, and a mix of gorgonzola and mozzarella chunks. Heaven.

toomanypancakes , edited

Okay this'll sound strange but hear me out. Red sauce base, kalamata olives, vegan feta, and lots of fresh mint. I've never been fancy enough to make my own pizza dough but when I'm assembling a pizza that's my go-to. It's so good.

I also have an unhealthy mint addiction btw

EmoDuck , edited


It's pretty common in Europe amd Italy itself, but for some reason not so much in the rest of the world. Especially with thinly sliced onions on top.

Also, Sujuk

It's like pepperoni, but a lot better


I'm partial to the little cuppy pepperonis. I think they're called old world pepperoni. Not a lot of places use those pepperoni.


I like the meaty feast ones, particularly spicy ones. In fact, since discovering hot sauce a few years ago, I've been adding it to pretty much all of the pizzas I eat.

If I'm in the right mood, I also do enjoy a good ham and pineapple as well.


Plain NY slice from the window on the counter. Something about that 2nd heat up really brings the crisp out.


I love greek pizza which is a white pizza with garlic, onions, spinach, feta cheese, and olives. But the place that made that best closed. I also like a bacon cheeseburger pizza, which is just bad for me.


A fully original Margherita from a simple small pizzeria in a less touristy part of Naples. That's hard to beat (and usually really cheap for the quality you get)


Pineapple 🍍


Get out.


Ever had strawberries and blueberries on pizza, with feta? I could make it a weirder pizza order.


I haven't tried it yet but I've been thinking for awhile now that strawberry pepperoni might kick ass


That would be really interesting! If you try it, you should post pics and a review of it.


Brother you’re a menace, but I’m curious about how that tastes.

If we going for vile things, I once had ketchup on ice cream in college cause I was that guy that would do anything for a reaction.


That doesn’t sound good to me. Ketchup contains vinegar and I can’t imagine mixing it with a dairy product. Now, strawberries, blueberries, and feta on top of a cheese pizza was actually pretty good. It was just a little too sweet, at times, though. It was definitely worth trying.


Yeah it was vile, it made me gag.

I could get behind yours without the tomato sauce and regular cheese, MAYBE.

A Phlaming Phoenix

Thin crust, heavy sauce, mozz, pepperoni, jalapeno, pineapple.


Anything BUT pepperoni, I really don't care for it on a pizza


thin crust, Alfredo sauce, cheese, chicken, bacon.


I took used to order $5 foot long chicken bacon ranch subs from subway.

silly goose meekah

You should try sauce hollandaise, cheese, ham, broccoli and onions


I buy those canisters of pizza dough at the grocery store. Make a simple sauce by warning canned tomato sauce, adding a little olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and just a pinch of red pepper flakes. I spread the dough thin, add some olive oil and bake. After the doughs baked on its own for 5-6 minutes I add the sauce, spread spinach around and depending on the time of year some basil leaves from my herb garden, then top with mozzarella cheese. Continue baking until the cheese is melted.

Simple and refreshing.


Salami & Fungi

Always a little too much garlic...


Three meats with some hot sauce (Like red hot, sriracha or spicy tomato salsa) on top in thin crust. But pizza is pizza.


This pizza I make is my favorite pizza. Just some bacon under the cheese.


I like em all (minus pineapple). The hipster pizzas are quite fun too


Marinara Starita in a restaurant called Starita in the city of Naples. Sourdough crust and amazing tomato sauce. After that New York style pepperoni pizza and detroit style vodka sauce deep dish.


I made one recently that was pretty nice - tomato base, sliced (cooked) pork chipolatas, pineapple and cheese. Plenty of oregano and basil.

tal , edited

I don't really have one specific type of pizza, bounce around a bit.

When I was growing up, the norm for my family was thick crust, pepperoni, black olive. I like that, but I tend to feel that it's nice to have a bit more going on. That plus onion or chicken or hot sausage can be nice.

I do like Hawaiian, though that does tend to have more moisture than would be my ideal.


Calzone hand held style

MentalEdge , edited

I like several kinds.

I've posted before about the cast-iron pan-pizza I make myself, and that's the best I can do at home.

There's a local restaurant that makes not-really neapoletan pizza (the bottom is too thick and the oven isn't quite hot enough) but they have really figured out the flavor profile on their dough, sauce and fillings, netting excellent results.

At times I really crave and enjoy a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza. I wouldn't call it my favourite, but sometimes it's exactly what I want.

They no longer exist, but there use to be a local chain of pizza restaurants that would make giant sheets of pizza in bulk, and let you pick three squares from three different (or the same) pizzas for a meal. They had a potato-rosemary pizza that I adored. I still want to eventually recreate something like it at home.

There's a new chain that popped up recently which I really like. They make oblong pizzas with a wholegrain dough, that they then slice into strips. The meals come with a sauce to dip the pizza-strips in. The result is delicious.

When it comes to toppings, I generally want a strong umami tomato sauce, mild cheese, and some kind of spicy meat like pepperoni or equivalent.

But I've also tried white pizzas (pizzas with no tomato sauce), pizzas where potato or even pears were among the toppings, and they can be absolutely delicious.

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I like thin, crispy crust. I like garlic sauce over traditional tomato for pretty much any style other than Hawaiian (white sauce is too savory for the sweeter ingredients). I have no real favorite when it comes to toppings, only toppings I would never use (chicken, broccoli, BBQ sauce, and ground beef). Especially the chicken because it's always cooked twice so it just turns to bland rubber. 🤢

I hella want that candied, caramelized jalapeno Hawaiian pizza I had when I went to the restaurant in a local brewery (Dustbowl Brewing Co.) again, right now. That thing was *good.*


Best thin crust I've ever had was in Evansville, Indiana, of all places, at Turoni's.



  • Perfect balance over a wide range of cheese/sauce/... ratios
  • easy to get right (=works everywhere)
  • not soggy
  • ...

Does it have to be just one?

There are so many delicious pizzas out there.

My favorite 'everyday' pizza is black olives with bannana peppers, thin or regular crust depending on mood. Mozzarella cheese with a little parmesan sprinkled on.

Any other favorites I have tend to be specific pizzas from specific places.

I Love steak pizza, but a *lot* of places I try it from are lackluster to say the least.

Meat too dry and lack of flavor is the most common issue.

A lot of the places just throw some cheap steak on top of a regularly prepared pizza. Regular pizza sauce and only mozzarella cheese = boring.

I've got a local place that does a decent steak pizza but is too expensive to justify more than once in a blue moon.

Dominos steak pizza is actually pretty good to me because of the cheese sauce they use. But it's Dominos sooo...


there's something that will always be special to me about the Round Table mushroom pizza, it is the perfect mushroom pizza and i've yet to find a local place to me that hits every time like that, no one slices the mushrooms as thin and they get too wet, it's such a great pizza


Pepperoni. My favorite place to get pizza? Sal's Tomato Pies in Madison.


This is probably not going to sound as good as it is, but….

Domino’s Philly Cheesesteak pizza is amazing.


Domino's in the USA has / had? a Wisconsin five cheese pizza that is amazing.

Pan crust with Alfredo sauce and spinach is peak and redefines pizza.


Crunchy thin crust, chili flakes, jalapeno, and pineapple.


Swedish suburb pizza, thin crust, full fat cheese, with ham and shrimp toppings, and some sauce bearnaise on the side. And a Trocadero soda to drink.


If we're talking absolute favorite, then I'm a Chicago deep dish kinda person. White or pesto sauce, cheese, artichokes, onions, tomatoes, grilled chicken, spinach, bacon, maybe some more meat or veg. Gimme that and a fork and knife and I'll be very happy.

Altima NEO

Hells yeah!

Deep dish, stuffed pizza, anything thicc.

originalucifer , edited

im just gunna leave this homemade beauty here

its a giordanos reverse engineered deep dish... 2lbs of cheese


Ah man I miss Giordano's. A good reason to go back to Chicago again... Aside from all the other good reasons, anyway.


I know Chicago really blurs the line between "deep dish" and straight up "casserole", but this is a whole new level. What even is this? I'm both intrigued and mildly horrified.


They said “pizza”, not “tomato soup bread bowl”…

J/k - looks epic. Sad I didn’t get a chance to try a real Chicago style deep dish pizza on my first trip earlier this year 😞…

originalucifer , edited

its a cracker crust!

to me, this is why pizza is called a 'pie' its a big ol' meat and cheeese pie. theres something weird about the sauce being on top that makes the whole thing work

if you ever get to a state with a giordanos please give it a try, its the epitome of deep dish (imho). i spent a year learning to making a carbon copy after i moved away.


making a carbon copy

Is making it difficult?


nope. the crust is weird in that its very thin, and contains a lot of oil... and theres 2 of them... a top and bottom. after all the sauces i tried, a generic store brand tasted the best.. let me dig out the recipe..

originalucifer , edited

here is the recipe

2lbs mozzarella/pizza cheese 16 oz pizza sauce 1 cup Warm Water 3 2/3 tablespoons Canola Oil 1 teaspoon Olive Oil 1 1/2 teaspoons Kosher Salt 1 1/2 teaspoons Granulated Sugar 3 cups unbleached All-Purpose Flour, Use the Scoop-And-Sweep method 1 1/2 teaspoons Instant Dry Yeast

Prepare Crust Add the warm water and pinch of sugar to mixing bowl add yeast and let foam for 30 seconds or so. Add everything else mix until just stuck together (3-4 minutes, everything will still be flaky)

Lightly flour a surface knead the dough ball for about two minutes. Kneading longer than a couple minutes will make the crust more fluffy and bread-like instead of dense and biscuit-like. Break off 1/3 of the dough ball, this will be the top crust. Form them both into dough balls and place into a large oiled bowl. Let the dough rise once at room temperature, punch down and place in refrigerator for at least 7 hours.

Prepare Pan Take out of the fridge and let it reach room temperature (about 2 hours). Let rise at room temp for 6-8 hours (although it won't rise much). roll out the balls of dough extremely thin take a cast iron skillet or springform pan (high sides are better) grease with butter well lay the first crust in, it should come all the way up the sides of the pan. wet bottom of crust with sauce very lightly layer in all your toppings with a little but of cheese, the add the rest of the cheese. lay on the top crust, seal it up with the bottom crust. poke some holes in the top crust toward the middle. then pour the sauce on, even out. Bake at 400 for 35-40 minutes, until the crust is lightly browned and the cheese is melted thoroughly.

August27th , edited

Dude, you are the greatest of all time. Thank you for posting this.

Edit: do/have you ever used sausage anywhere in there?


I love that you love Giordano's. I live by one and I've eaten there twice and it was underwhelming for me. The pizza takes like an hour to bake, and it's just too much crust. I liked the chewy stringy cheese and the soupy sauce on top, but the vehicle just didn't work for me.


It's called a pizza pie, and this is truly a pie, not like those dumb normal flat pizzas.


That looks like raw tomato paste on top

Plum , edited


I don't want to yuck your yum, but how and why is this pizza. It's an architectural masterpiece.


pizza is spectrum! theres no right or wrong, it just is.

except pineapple.... civilized man must draw a line


I'm a heathen. My standard domino's order is thin crust with pineapple and light cheddar, dipped in blue cheese dressing.

hakase , edited

Domino's pan, double cheese, light sauce, extra pepperoni. I've tried deep dish in Chicago, New York style in New York, traditional pizzerias in Italy, and countless overpriced "craft" places from all over North America, and nothing I've tried even comes close.


Domino's is a pizza box folding factory that happens to make pizza.


I live in New Haven. The undisputed pizza capital of the world. If we're getting delivery it's a 75% chance it's domino's.

(Pizzeria pizza is better at the pizzeria. We go out for the nice stuff. We aren't total monsters.)


Same. As much as I love Domino's, if we're going out, we're definitely going to a proper pizzeria.


Broccoli, garlic, and ricotta, extra crispy so the broccoli gets a little scorched.


Yes but only if it’s NY style and no sauce.

White pizza.

Also acceptable, spinach instead of broccoli


Broccoli rabe in season is the absolute dream topping for this, but it's so niche and hard to find.

Transient Punk , edited

I'm glad there haven't been any pervs saying cheese pizza...

I really hope the people below this are just naive, and not actually pedophiles


Perv here. Gimme a plain cheese all day every day!


It's me, I'm the perv.


Recently have come to really like thin crust. I've been buying fresh pizzas from the store and adding my own slices of mushrooms, I like em thicc.



taiyang , edited

Ok, not necessarily my favorite but I want to shout out a Tandoori BBQ Chicken pizza I had the other day. It was like a standard BBQ chicken pizza (which, admittedly stretches the definition of pizza) and throws Indian food on it.

My favorite right now is also somewhat blasphemous; I fancy a good spicy pepperoni square pizza, done up Detroit style (but marketed Sicilian). Buttery, crispy crust, truly splendid.

Quick edit: y'all are also splendid. Great tastes all around!

ChihuahuaOfDoom , edited

Pepperoni and sausage with no cheese.

Edit: clearly big dairy has gotten to you all.


None pizza, left beef.


Tomato pie with ketchup, pineapple, and hot peppers.


Hawaii, pineapple on pizza is mandatory and that’s a hill I’m willing to die on.


You like needles in pizza?