Tailscale and two NICs

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Hi all,

Anyone with a similar setup to this:

I have a machine with 2 NICs one for default gateway and other a "private" subnet with a service I need to access remotely for a few days (basically its a wifi router where a wifi-only device connects).

Will tailscale work for this case plug'n'play or will I need setup any routing?

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Tailscale is an overlay network. It will use whatever networking is available. If only one of those NICs is a gateway, then that’s what will be used to reach remote Tailnet resources.


It's Wireguard, so you'd just change the Wireguard profile to use a specific interface. The routing between the two networks is handled at the routing table, and all will be available to route to.

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Thanks for your answers. I wasn't able to get what I wanted to work but that's because the device used broadcast for discoverability which doesn't work through subnets. I pivoted to something else