[Microblog] @ asklemmy can i post from Mastodon to Lemmy ?

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@asklemmy can i post from Mastodon to Lemmy ?

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Yes, but keep in mind hashtags look awful on Lemmy and the first line of text of your toot becomes the post title. A lot of mastodon posts onto Lemmy are really ugly and borderline incomprehensible. So be careful.


You can always tell when a post gets shared in mastodon.


I think a background formatting algorithm sounds like a great all day side project


Where would I even find Mastodon content, being logged in on Lemmy?

The instances / servers don't seem to auto-populate here, so would I need to subscribe to something?


It doesn't really work the other direction. Mastodon users can post and comment on Lemmy communities by @ ing the community. There isn't a way for Lemmy users to browse hashtags or users from Mastodon. Even if you click on the user profile for a mastodon user from Lemmy, it'll only show you the stuff they've posted and commented on Lemmy instances, not the full activity of the account.


Ok this was working very great but you can't separate title and description

Björn Tantau

Supposedly the first line is taken as the title and the rest as the description. Of course that won't work if there is only one line.


But what happens if you tag @main? Will you end up tagging all instances' main communities?


You can't meaningfully just tag 'main', you need to include an instance too. https://activitypub.academy is good resource to test and verify this stuff out for yourself.


The @asklemmy links to https://berlin.social/@asklemmy@lemmy.world specifically, so I guess you need to specify the instance


I was under the impression that the link interpretation happens on Lemmy's side. The lemmy servers will interpret the mention the best way they can. And I'd suspect that the best way to interpret the @main mention is to prioritize local communities.


I have no clue what happens on mastodon, but on lemmy all interpretation is done on the client.

Resol van Lemmy

Trust me, I tested this when I first joined Lemmy. And I was blown away when I found out it works.

The fediverse is fucking awesome.




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