Added many PeerTube channels to PieFed

submitted by Rimu

Thanks to amazing work by, PieFed can now federate with PeerTube - channels from a PeerTube instance show up as communities in PieFed and each video is a post which can be voted on and commented on.

To get things started I've done a bit of crowdsourcing and added all the interesting, active and cool PeerTube channels I could find! Check these out:


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imaqtpie , edited

Very cool feature, thank you Rimu and andrew_s. Excited to explore some PeerTube channels!


Been meaning to give it a go, this is going to make me do it finally :)

@rimu does it works for lemmy too?


this post suggests there's a problem with PeerTube federation and Lemmy (that came with 0.19, because it used to work on 0.18). It mentions this channel that hasn't updated in months.

That channel has also been brought through to PieFed here so I'm sort-of waiting for it to naturally update to double-check it's not a specific problem for that channel, but that seems unlikely.

It's probably easy for Lemmy Devs to fix (although I think it's only the Tesseract front-end that embeds the videos like PieFed does)

Rimu [OP]

Maybe it works in Lemmy. I was able to subscribe to this one but Lemmy does not backfill old content so I don't know if new videos will show up in there or not.