"No code" databases

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I've been seeing easy ways to store and view tabular data. I'm aware of tools like nocodb, baserow, and mathesar. I'm currently playtesting nocodb. But I wanted to start a discussion on what everyone uses for easily storing tabular data, and if anyone uses these tools.

I've also tried nextcloud tables but it still is very early in development from what I can tell.

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Excel? Or Calc or whatever.

If you want to explore it as SQL, I usually just stand up phpMySQL for MariaDB, pgAdmin for postgres, or SSMS for SQL Server.


This would be what I would recommend as well.

Access is also an option as well. I think LiberOffice also has an Access like clone as well


Libre Office "Base"

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Iโ€™m currently using Baserow, and so far it suits my needs well enough. Iโ€™m not a very demanding user, but part of what I love is how nicely Baserow documents the api. It made it very easy for me to implement some automations I wanted to use to record data.

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NocoDB is awesome, although admittedly I haven't tried Baserow. The "group by," Kanban, and form features in NocoDB make data entry easy from mobile and nice to sort on desktop.


Would you mind explaining novodb to me? As a developer how do I use it in my app? Is there an SDK you're supposed to use or can you just query the database directly?


I don't use NocoDB in an app. I use it as an alternative to a spreadsheet, especially with its web forms and relational columns.

For development, you would probably want to use their REST API.





I have to use SQL at work enough that I just use that for any database I need for personal projects, almost always MariahDB. Helps me stay current on my skills I guess.

rutrum [OP]

What database client do you use? Maybe a plain database is enough with the right client.


I've used and enjoyed Dbeaver CE. It's FOSS!

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Does it need to be accessible via API (e.g. SQL) or just a spreadsheet-style web interface?

rutrum [OP]

Doesn't need to. That's a plus though. I think the features I like the most are dropdowns for foreign keys and more specific column types. For instance, a date type gives me a calendar picker, and an image type lets me upload and image and then see it as I browse the data.




Sounds like phpmyadmin lol