[help] could use some parts advice on building a diy nass for docker/media

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hi i would like to build a media/download/nass that more expandible drive wise (needs to be able to stream media(jellyfin /use docker containers and have 3 a4 sata ports)

i currently im thinking on buying this motherboard/with built in cpu asrock-j3455-itx-mini-itx- and planning on adding cheap 16 gig ddr3 stics

the nice thing is its got 4x sata 3 ports and a m.2 for like 65 euro total

so my question is should i get one .if its still wort it .and would this work with my specified needs also what do i use as a psu /how much psu power do i need for 4 drives

and what are my exspansion options with the picie .and m2

would love to ad more sata conections trough the m.2 and pcie if posible

i kinda need a nass/media dowload pc /that has a few sata ports .and can run sonarr/prowlarr/jellyfin /qbittorent -running dietpi os /or debian

and run a few ssd/or/hd drives in raid 0 that is about it (ive have no need for drive redundancy thb it all gonna be torrented anime anyway) best leave no evidance of pireacy lol

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I've got a $50 USD 6500T with 25+ docker containers including jellyfin and it is amazing. It isn't the drive space you want but pure cli Linux is very lightweight.

poVoq , edited

I think that CPU only supports up to 8GB RAM. Also the m2 is only for Wifi cards I think.

I have a somewhat similar ASUS board and it is quite ok otherwise, but don't expect wonders from that CPU.

A bit annoying will be that you need to either use one of the four SATA ports for the system drive, or find some way to boot from the PCIe 1x port. The similar ASUS board that I have does not support booting from NVMe drives though, so even if you added an adapter for this it probably wouldn't work (maybe if there is an BIOS update for it).

You could boot from a USB3 drive... not ideal but workable. Or add more SATA ports via an PCIe 1x extension card... but those might be hard to find, usually they require a longer (4x?) PCIe port.

P.S.: if you end up buying that board I can sell you 2x 4GB DDR3 SODIMMs that I have currently no use for :p

leetnewb , edited

Pretty sure I am running a j3455 with 12GB.

edit> Confirmed



Says 8gb max. My board only has one SODIMM slot, so I can't test it, but I would say it is a bit of a risk to just assume it will work with more.


Hard to argue with Intel, but I run one of the asrock j3455 boards (with a full PCIe slot and 2 SATA ports) and powershell is reporting OSTotalVisibleMemorySize of 12228504.

ilco [OP]

my main concern is it needs to be more capible than a nas /while being cheap af /with decent selfhosting options


Have you heard of capital letters and punctuation?

That's too hard to read.