Biden plans to send $1bn arms shipment to Israel

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force , edited

Man Biden is *really* trying to lose the upcoming election isn't he. A year ago I would *not* have predicted that he would fuck up such an easy reelection this badly, but here we are. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory I guess.

Apparently Biden has always been this shitty when it comes to Palestine. Some things children just never grow out of it seems.


Millions of children never grew old because of Kissingers little psychopathic padawans in Washington for decades now. Those children don’t care about this one losing or winning his little beauty contest.

And millions of children will die in the future no matter whose dick is being sucked in the Oval Office. There are more omnipotent deciders who decide who lives and who dies.

This greedy, bloodthirsty, manipulative, sociopathic voting won’t change anything no matter who wins.


USA: "It's good business"


Fuck Trump, fuck Biden, and fuck Netanyahu. And while we're at it, fuck Putin and fuck Xi. Not a lot of decent people at the top these days.

TimeNaan , edited

That was always the case. Being at the top pretty much requires being a bastard.

That's why the best ruler is no ruler.🏴


Waiting for our AI overlord?


No, for horizontal, anarchist mass organization

ramenshaman , edited

Anarchy is a great way to get taken over by another country. As far as I know, anyway, maybe I'm missing something.

TimeNaan , edited

Historically, anarchists have been very good at organizing effective and well motivated armies. Usually with democratically elected officers. Look up the Black Army of Makhno, CNT-FAI, EZLN and YPG, these are all good examples of anarchist (or anarchist-adjacent) armies.


Fuck them all. I just hope Americans are ready for the terror they’ve spread around the world, to be in their streets.


It was obvious from the start it was political posturing as he had already sent them so much and it wasn't like they immediately needed it. Just like the port to deliver aid, also posturing to look good.


Wot? No more crocodile tears? Fucking hypocritical genocidal cunt

A_Random_Idiot , edited

Hes really pulling a Hilary with this shit.

Intentionally throwing away an election he thinks is sure fire win for him, because Trumps the only other option.

The risk isnt people turning to vote for Trump, the risk is people that would have voted for him not voting at all. . Because he'd rather doom a people to extermination than fix his own country.


Headline from two days ago:

‘Total outrage’: White House condemns Israeli settlers’ attack on Gaza aid trucks

My comment on it:

It’s taken them over half a year, but Biden has finally discovered that Israel is committing crimes against humanity. Let’s hope they don’t forget about it the second Netanyahu pretends to be a little bit obedient.

Damn, really speedrunning that disappointment, huh


Lol my comment from last week which got heavily downvoted:

Considering Biden repealed his settler sanctions, I'd actually bet this eventually gets approved after Israel promises to pay shipping fees in exchange for breaking the SLA stating they can't do a genocide

mfw he doubled down and approved another massive sale on top of the smaller blocked shipment.


Because the GOP Congress was about to go around him if he didn’t.

Really wish he’d have grown a spine and stuck to not sending them, let the GOP look bad and don’t abandon your own base. I hate this political environment.


Why does Biden want innocent people dead and why does nobody try to stop him? What has become of humanity? Has everyone gone insane?


Republican lawmakers in Congress have introduced legislation intended to prevent any further pauses in weapons shipments to the US ally.

It's all bullshit


Ideology is one hell of a drug


Business and military industrial complex is one hell of a shitshow.



Fair. It's a bit of both.


Damn, Biden doesn’t want to win the election or save democracy

Aceticon , edited

Maybe the Democracy you think is still there to be saved is already gone and all you have left is the folklore of it rather than the real thing.

It would certainly explain Biden's dictatorial persistence on supporting the Zionist Genocide all the way with weapons and ammo even when the majority of Americans has turned against it, his and his party's reaction to student demonstrations and how all of this would make no sense for somebody trying to avoid losing the election to Trump.

I lived in a country with Proportional Vote and what we're seeing from the elected leader of the US would never happen there in an election year, not even close, as the politicians there trully fear electoral defeat.

TimeNaan , edited

I disagree, living in such a country. Our self-declared "left wing" was eager to participate in both Iraq and Afghanistan and host CIA black sites on our soil.

There is no democracy in global capitalism. There can only be different shades of authoritarianism.

The Uncanny Observer

The lesser of two evils, ladies and gents.


Trump would have sent $2 billion, just sayin’ /s


He would've sent everything meant for Ukraine to Israel, and more.


Genocide, whaddaya gunna do. Your tax dollars at work.

bdonvr [OP]

Yeah well uh, Trump would've sent 1.2bn


Trump would have sent $1,000,000,000.01, so Biden is clearly the lesser evil


Don't you know Trump is gonna genocide harder? Some shitlib told me yesterday trump will conduct a real genocide, as if the one happening in front of our eyes is fake


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Oh nice, there's dozens of rewrites out there! I was just turned on to the original a couple days ago


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Are you talking about the Trump that won't quit talking about how antisemitic Biden has been in the Gaza genocide?

Imagine seeing someone yell at a rapist in the middle of raping that they aren't raping viciously enough and then thinking that it would be good to send that guy in there instead. I agree, no rape would be best, but I'm pretty sure the victim in this case would prefer the current rapist over the one complaining about how the current rapist is being offensively gentle.


Beyond your disgusting analogy, if you think Palestinians give a shit who sends the bombs to Israel that are going to kill them you're not living in reality.

Tell me you're voting for Biden on domestic policy grounds, and I'll agree with you because that's my plan, but stop dressing this up as anything that's not as bad as it could be


Do you realize that if today the casualties on both sides of Gaza and isreal since October happened again, and then every day that many more is added, let's say 40,000 per day. If we continue doing that every single day, we wouldn't reach the world war 2 casualties until 2027. So yes, things can, and have very recently been much worse.

Biden is a bastard, he is blowing up gazan children daily, and I hope the universe makes a special exception for him and creates a biblical hell. Trump calls this "level of restraint" antisemitic. Trump is in extreme debt, angry as hell, and he has a bunch of racist anti-muslim fanatics he's trying to please. He can absolutely make things worse.


13-day-old account. Go away Genocide Joe shill.


What is worse than genocide? You are the epitome of my original comment, 'Trump's gonna genocide harder'


I'm talking about the people that passed a resolution proclaiming opposition to Zionism is antisemitic. I'm talking about the people using police across the country to silence opposition to Zionism and genocide. I'm talking about the people that's taken millions of AIPAC money to carry out the demands of Zionists.


I was referring to the part of your comment where you said "Trump." You're gonna have to use gpt to explain my comment to you in a way that you are able to wrap your head around. Just tell it to break it down step by step and explain it to like you're a 5 year old with their fingers in their ears yelling "blah blah blah, i can't heeeaaaar youuuuu".


In typical fashion, a liberal infantilizes people they disagree with because they have no other argument to stand on

The Uncanny Observer

Oh well that’s a Democrat genocide. It’s a more humane genocide, free range and organic. Better for the environment.


Yeah, but with Biden and the Democrat Party you get an equal opportunity Genocide were women are just a likely to be murdered as men and LGBT as straight people.

So Vote Biden!!!


If you're going to define your movement as anti-genocidal you should really have a firm grasp on what genocide is and who is committing it:

Article II of the Convention defines genocide as:
... any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

  • (a) Killing members of the group;
  • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Hamas, what Israel has been clear they intend to destroy, is not a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. However, Jews/Israel/Israelis, what Hamas has been clear they intend to destroy, are. Therefore, legally Oct 7 was an act of genocide, and Israel's war on Hamas is not. Such a designation has nothing to do with body count.

I support Israel because I oppose the genocidal. Binding their hands and preventing them from retaliating in self-defense only serves to support genocidal Hamas by keeping them in power.

The Uncanny Observer

Anytime somebody starts quibbling over whether something is technically genocide, they’re an immoral person and nothing they say is of any worth to the human species. I didn’t get past the first sentence you wrote before I clicked away.


"Look at me displacing almost 2 million people and bombing their homes and cities whole to the ground one by one. It's not a genocide though, because I haven't explicitely claimed that my goal is to commit a genocide."


The thing is, Israel's leaders have expressed genocidal intent over and over again. Just read South Africa's allegations at the ICJ. They have the receipts.


If so then the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Chechnya were all genocides.


Now you're getting it


When entire civilian populations are bombed or starved, then yes. The US is not free of war crimes. They’re merely immune from the consequences.

DarkGamer , edited

It's almost as if words mean things and have specific definitions, especially legal ones. Feel free to criticize such behaviors with different accurate words for things you don't like.


If someone punches you to death, declaring they weren't trying to kill you doesn't make them any less guilty of murder.


You support Israel because you oppose the genocidal.This is one of the most batshit insane things i have read on this site,you really cannot have typed that with a straight face.

anticolonialist , edited

Take your hasbara bullshit somewhere else. According to that same organization you took your definition from, an occupying nation like Israel can not claim self defense when attacked

DarkGamer , edited

Sorry to invade your echo chamber with dissent. It must pain you to be reminded that not everyone agrees with you, that must be so hard for you.

an occupying nation like Israel can not claim self defense when attacked

Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. A blockade is not an occupation.


Say what?

New York (20 October 2022) -- There are reasonable grounds to conclude that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory is now unlawful under international law due to its permanence and the Israeli Government’s de-facto annexation policies, according to the first report to the General Assembly issued today by the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel.

Oh, I forgor, the United Nations is Hamas now.


Can’t wait for tomorrow’s most upvoted posts on Reddit and Lemmy teaching us how the other clowns from the rival circus are still worse. While condemning the killings of children in Gaza with those weapons sold today.

It’s impossible there was ever a society this manipulated and stupid.


Don't they have a point though? Your system is broken and the *lesser* of two evils is all you ever get to pick.


Yeah but when you point that out you're called a idiot for unintentionally backing Trump. Any criticism of the system or Biden no matter how deserved somehow is support for Trump


The package can be blocked by Congress if a majority in both chambers object.

Now we get to find out how many of our excitingly new progressives know who their representatives are. Or even if they have representatives. If they do, can they work out the seekrit next steps? Only time will tell.


The thing about the lesser of two evils is you actually have to be less evil.

absentbird , edited

Trump is easily more evil, he wants to accelerate the genocide. But even if you consider their position on Gaza as identical, he's so much worse in all the other ways; he wants to give massive tax cuts to billionaires, criminalize trans people, and pass a national abortion ban. We cannot let that happen.


Next to genocide, those are rounding errors


No, it's actually not true. First-past-the-post voting mathematically tends to result in 2 dominant parties, but there's no mathematical rule that determines *which* 2 parties. The first two in American history were the Federalist Party, and the Democratic Republican Party. The duopoly has changed several times over the years, and it could change again if we wanted it. Democratic voters have affirmatively made the choice that supporting genocide is better (read: easier) than trying to shake things up.


You will change the Democrat-Republican duopoly as soon as you convince everyone to stop participating in consumerism (beyond one's basic needs).

Which is to say: never.

The last time neither a Republican nor a Democrat was President was more than a century ago. Good luck changing the people's habits as well as the monumental support structures both parties have erected to prevent any third party from gaining traction, ranging from super PACs to literally the entire American news network, including social media.


There's a large number of Jewish people who are Democrats and politicians are more worried about points than doing the right thing.


FFS. Biden is a complete cunt. Trump GOP is still worse


We can do it. We can make him dumber than he was. Dumber, weaker, slower.

Mastengwe , edited

Wait, you mean to tell me that a bunch of twenty-somethings have figured it all out and everyone else is entirely wrong about everything? Where have this happening before????

Oh yeah… that’s right. Every election cycle.

Nuance is for people who don’t want to be constantly outraged by everything that ever happens.


Fuck Biden!


Let's Brandon!


💞Joe 💞 Bibi 💞