Homemade chicken quesadilla with sides


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Homemade chicken quesadilla with sides

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Very nice quality browning on the tortilla. What's your secret?


Probably heat

VanHalbgott [OP]

None, other than browning the quesadilla by mistake, I think.

Substance_P , edited

For me I like to drench a skillet with a good amount of olive oil, cook checking for browness, then use spray on the top tortilla before you flip it. Works for me.

*side note, for a next level meal I love opening a hot quesadilla and placing fresh ingredients such as salads, jalapeños and salsas (picante) inside before cutting into the final portions.


This is very good l advice thank you. I don't often make quesadillas and this might be the encouragement I need to do it more often.

Franklin , edited

That looks killer, super impressed!


You should let the chicks grow up before you eat them.

VanHalbgott [OP]

hahahahahahaha, right. I rewrote the title.


10/10 would munch