Apple to Reduce Motion Sickness With Vehicle Motion Cues on iPhone

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If this works, it would be absolutely wonderful. I can't look at a phones screen longer than 5 seconds before I'm getting motion sickness in a moving car.


This is no exaggeration. When I go for long periods without riding any car, the first few times I can't do much more than glancing at my phone without getting nauseated.

abhibeckert , edited

It sounds like it should work to me.

As an example, as a kid I couldn't play first person video games until game developers worked out they need something in a fixed position taking over a significant portion of the screen (for example, a steering wheel in a car or the gun you're holding in a shooter).

Turn those fixed overlays off, and after just playing for a few seconds I'll be sick the rest of the day. If anything I'm even more sensitive now than when I was a kid - but with the right overlays I'm all good.

I'd bet Apple did a *lot* of research into motion sickness while developing the Vision Pro headset. Good to see some of that coming to other products.


That's really cool if it will work.


Cool ! People will be able to comfortably use their phone while driving now.

Chronographs , edited

Hopefully it’s optional

Edit: It is


heh, just adding dots to everyone’s screens by default. Sounds logical.