Top500: China Opts Out of Global Supercomputer Race

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And for today's headlines that say something completely different than the article.

For those that don't want to read the article. China has just quit reporting their new super computers to the list of the top super computers. Not quit making them.

They are trying to hide the specs of their new ones. This is just a saber rattle national security thing.

borari , edited

China pulling their inspiration from Drake I see.

Edit - After finally getting a break at work and reading the article, I see that China is just ceasing their reporting to the Top500 list, not bowing out of the supercomputer race entirely.

Wilshire [OP]

Nowhere is safe


So what's the point? I feel like half of supercomputers is bragging rights.

Wilshire [OP] , edited

It's an industry benchmark, but also a competition that drives innovation. Supercomputers are essential for weather forecasts, climate predictions, simulations of black holes, and other cool stuff.


...and since the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, also simulating nuclear warhead detonation for development.

Wilshire [OP]