Army whistleblower who exposed alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan is sentenced to prison

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Man wasn't allowed to defend himself. Absolute farce.

Riddick3001 , edited

And still whistleblowers are being sentenced, jailed, prosecuted by Gvements ( and sometimes killed)

I get the security thing, but war crimes and industrial crimes should be measured on another different scale altogether. Most of those guys should get a medal, imo. WTF?!


McBride addressed his supporters as he walked his dog to the front door of the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court to be sentenced.

Why does the dog have to get sentenced? It's well known that they can't help themselves when they hear a whistle blow.


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Right wing governments love prosecuting whistleblowers.

circuscritic , edited

The previous coalition government started this persecution, but Albo's Labor government drove it home.

So it seems like governments love prosecuting whistleblowers would be the correct take on this situation.

Edit: Just to be extra clear, Australia's current government is Labor (center left party), but the previous government was a coalition of the Liberals (mainstream, yet still far right party) and the Nationals (deep fried crazy far right party).

So the unjust prosecution of David McBride started under the previous rightwing coalition government, but the current left leaning Labor government continued the prosecution and got the conviction.

Deceptichum , edited

Labor are centre-right and have been for 50 years now since they embraced neoliberalism.

Labor are *left of* Liberal, but that doesnt make them a left wing party.


They are center left, which yes, does include some neoliberal tendencies. However, they still support Australia's welfare state and have very strong ties to, and support from, the relatively strong unions that still exist in Australia.


The welfare state was invented by Bismarck to crush leftism, it’s not leftism itself.

And unions and unionism are fucking atrocious in this country.

Look at the SDA it’s an entirely industry bought and ran right wing union, which has actually fought for worse deals for its members.

Furthermore we only allow government approved unions, meaning tough luck if you want a real union that will fight for you. It’s the entire reason the IWW is not operating in Australia despite its presence across the world.

The closest thing we have to a left wing party outside of the fringe socialist groups is the Greens who run on a proper union supporting platform.


Regardless what name they go by, if they uphold capitalism in any form they are right wing


That's a fine metric for your own internal political compass, but it's a poor one to use when trying to discuss or describe world events, especially on a forum like this.

Not because it's an indefensible position, but because no one else is going to know your definition of rightwing is literally anything that isn't already a communist utopia.

But I'm to go out on a limb and assume, no offense, that you just weren't aware that Australian Labor regained power after nearly a decade of being the opposition...which is understandable, most people don't follow Australian politics, outside of Australia.

TokenBoomer , edited

Boy Boy episode about this.


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