It’s a Climate Election Now | Trump’s reported billion-dollar offer to fossil-fuel executives shows that this is the key year to save the planet.

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If you're an American want to make a difference on this election, there are three things you can do:

It's also worth supporting Democrats in close house and close senate races as well as local candidates.

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Also demonstrates that he's corrupt AF.


Huh? Biden already stated that his lackluster climate bill was "once in a generation". He's approved more drilling permits than Trump did. Why would I be under the impression that he's any less pro-oil industry?

silence7 [OP] , edited

The limiting factor on the Inflation Reduction Act wasn't Biden — it was Manchin in the Senate, who was a literal fossil fuels magnate

So yes, there's a huge difference between them.

And that "lackluster" bill is actually doing a lot.


When Trump is promising to undo changes Biden made, that's pretty fucking obvious buddy.

retrospectology , edited

Biden could pass the most draconian, fascist border policy or whatever (like he offered to do for the GOP) and Trump would still claim he's going to undo whatever Biden did.

That anyone would put stock in Trump's meaningless babble, as if he's ever talking about something real, is frankly depressing.