Slovak PM Fico in hospital after shooting

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I am not surprised, they (ruling party) bank on polarizing people, attacking journalists and populism/prorussian reathorics.

I just listened to their press conference and they just pour gasoline on this situation. Like I nearly vomited hearing the accusations of journalists, opposition parties...


Basically… fuck this guy in his new blowhole.

Vincent , edited

But Fico is from that party, no? Attacking journalists and what not isn't good, but neither is shooting a politician. Especially if you're supposedly on the side that wants to protect democracy.


I don'tbthink anynody is saying this is right. I too wanted to get rid of him, but not like this.


I don't know almost everything about Slovak politics, but I want to think that as a democracy that it is, this man had the support of, at least, a very important part of its population, which is why I consider that any attack against him is an attack on the entire people of Slovakia and its political system. I hope this is the work of a madman and not an organized network of terrorists. On the other hand and on a human level, I hope that this man recovers completely and can resume the functions that the Slovak people consider for him.


Even if he did not have support of a big part of the population, the point of democracy is to be able to get rid of them without violence.


Which hinges, of course, on a free press. Not that it excuses the actions at all, but the democratic argument is sadly not entirely as straightforward as it should be in this case.


Absolutely, which is why as democracy-loving citizens (which honestly everyone should be), people should strongly protest anything that damages it - in a democratic way, as long as that's possible. And I don't think Slovakia has regressed so badly yet that there are no democratic avenues of resistance anymore.


It has absolutely not, and it goes without saying (but is nevertheless worth repeating) that this is completely unacceptable. As long as you're free to demonstrate without risking your safety and the outcomes of elections matter, leaders should be chosen at the ballot.

It's an interesting question how bad the state of democracy needs to be before one is justified to stop playing by the rules. There is a breaking point somewhere, and politicians killing off scrutinizing journalists are clearly moving towards it in a dangerous way. But it is nevertheless clear that Slovakia remained far away from the breaking point of anything like this becoming necessary.


Sic semper tyrannis