in search for a YouTube alternative to upload my video

submitted by pythia

I'm looking for a place to upload some video. By now i've found and rumble but i would love to hear what you guys are using. Thanks in advance.

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palordrolap , edited

Peertube is the Fediverse equivalent of YouTube, the Fediverse being what Lemmy (where you are), Kbin (where I am) etc. are also a part of.

As far as I'm aware, it's a matter of finding an instance you resonate with, create an account and share away.

Do bear in mind that since it's the Fediverse, Peertube instances aren't usually backed by a large organisation with bags of cash, so if you can afford to donate to your instance, at least consider doing so.

I'd also recommend not using Peertube as a be-all-end-all storage for your videos. Always keep a copy for yourself. People do this with YouTube and they shouldn't unless they're OK with suddenly and forever losing that content at some unspecified future date. The same can happen with PeerTube, but the reasons are likely to be different (instance closing rather than unexpected account deletion).

Corporation-backed video hosts include: Twitch, Dailymotion and Vimeo. You could probably also host on Facebook. While these are options, they might make you feel as unclean as I did typing that out.

pythia [OP]

Thank you for these words and sorry for making you feel unclean ^^


There is

It is a video sharing platform and part of the fediverse :))


With being an instance of peertube for educational content.

pythia [OP]

sry for being unclear, it's no educational content i try to upload but animations.

pythia [OP]

I've requested an account at peertube but never received an email afterwards...


There is also I'm just glad more people are working on and joining competing platforms. Youtube's near monopoly is not good.


+1 for Odysee here. Some give it a pass due to it being a haven for people whose content gets kicked off YouTube, but the same is true for just about any alternative out there, including many instances of PeerTube. With PeerTube you have greater control by being able to self-moderate and federate if you run your own instance, but that takes time, effort and resources you may not have. Odysee has a greater variety of viewpoints and video categories/topics on the front page than many other competitors such as Rumble, which is basically just right-wing YouTube (and IIRC that's what Rumble is meant to be) and it has a nice balance of enough content to find new stuff to watch every day and not being so overwhelmingly big that you'll get lost in the vast ocean of content. If you just want to find a place to upload videos, join a PeerTube instance that seems good to you or use Odysee.

pythia [OP] , edited

Absolutely, since i've degoogled long ago i'll never go back. Your suggestion looks nice to me, will check it out, thanks.


If you want it to be discoverable and easy to reach, go for YouTube. Otherwise, you have Vimeo, PeerTube (self-hosted, or you can join an instance), and that's about it.

Your other option is just regular file hosting, and sharing the file directly.


Personally, I prefer it when people do one of the following:

  • upload the file to and link it here (for clips up to 200MB)
  • upload the file directly to their lemmy instance (if their instance allows it)
  • self-host it on their own web server (with no bullshit crappy JS interface, please -- just give me the file; I'll play it with VLC if it doesn't work in my browser)

PeerTube is also a reasonable choice -- although I don't like its UI very much.

pythia [OP]

To selfhost will be the ultimate goal. (didn't know catbox, thanks.)


Streamable is decent and has no cruft.