A spider used this hibernating frog to spin its web


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A spider used this hibernating frog to spin its web

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Possibly breakfast in bed when it wakes up


That seems like a weird place to hibernate doesn’t it? 🤔

Blizzard , edited

Or a genius one? It wasn't moving so the spider might have assumed it's dead and will soon draw lots of flies 🤔


Imagine waking up and there's just an absolute feast surrounding you.


Weaving together your little home on the slumbering body of an angry giant.


credit crazy

What kind of frog is that I've only known about frogs that hibernate by burrowing into swamp or river beds


Is it really hibernating or just dormant from overnight chill? Seems like it's in a place that will heat up for basking once the sun is out. Many spiders do build their webs at night.