Copyright statement on posts?

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Is there any interest in this idea?

Automatically have a little copyright icon added to all your posts with your choice of copyright license.

I've seen someone around here manually adding a copyright statement to most of their posts and thought I'd see if others would be into it. It'd be unobtrusive and incorporated into the UI, rather than a piece of text in the post.

Your thoughts?

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The advent of AI has illustrated quite clearly that nobody cares, but that doesn't make it less legally binding at least in theory.

If you post content clearly marked as CC BY-NC, you can at least be damn sure any use by commercial actors would be illegal.


I don't buy that legal theory. AI models as they're trained are the very definition of transformational. It's fair use.


Let's see how the lawsuits work out.


The courts get things wrong all the time. I may have to legally abide by their decisions, but I am not morally bound to agree with them.

Courts guarantee *an* answer, not *the right* answer.

Aniki ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฟ

This is absolute nonsense. Sorry, but OpenAI with billions of dollars in MS money doesn't give two fucking shits about copyright at all, let alone some random ass nonsense in some schmucks Lemmy signature. Pretty sure most books have copyright and that hasn't stopped literally anyone ever, yet.

Looking at the link you posted, that was from 2022.

Notice anything?

No one fucking cares. Copyright is a tool for the rich to kludge the poor but not vice versa.


And who would enforce it?


Courts, traditionally.


It's already illegal if your content is large enough to be copyrightable.